5 things I’ve learned on a hosting workshop

Whenever I think about “hosting/emceeing,” I’ve always believed that the core characteristic that I have to master is spontaneity. You know, given situations when the director will say “stretch,” I want to be able to confidently say things in front of the audience just to make things entertaining and to prevent dead air. But, being who I am, I feel like I am not witty enough to be a *~public speaker.~* Not confident enough. Not just enough for any-thang!

But on the other hand, I am also wondering why do I have stage fright when hosting, while I feel nothing when singing? After all, it’s similar, I am going to be in front of a lot of people, and will be judged by all of them! So, how come??

Last August 28, Voice and Music Factory (where I am voice training) organized a Hosting Seminar/Workshop. There were 2 speakers, Mr. Lou Gepuela, and Mr. Cannon Lee & Ms. Triz Garcia. They are from Rappler, and My Light Radio, respectively.

So, there let me share with you all the things that I have learned!

1. Take all the available workshops.

Workshops like this. Paid or free, as long as the speakers are those who have great experiences. In school, they teach you grammar so that when you speak you won’t be laughed at because of your subject-verb disagreement. Whereas, in workshops, they tell you how they coped up when they experienced being laughed at. (I know, I know my analogy was the best! *wink*)

I think it is an edge attending workshops because they give you a blueprint of how it is in certain situations. Nonetheless, they also give you an overview of how real the real world is. That’s why, I promise to make it a point that whenever there is a seminar/workshop in the university, I will never let my laziness take over and I will really listen because this is really what I signed up for– legit lessons from experience.

2. Make use of the proper hashtags. #BeInformed


Before I met Mr. Lou Gepuela, I’ve always believed that #hashtags are only of minimal importance. I’ve always assumed that it is only as something that will help celebrities validate their existence because they trend. But, Mr. Gepuela told us that during emergencies the hashtags will be of help for the agencies to know where to help, what to do, and when to help.

He said that for example, during the ravage of a typhoon you tweet “Break na kami ng boyfriend ko #RescuePH,” your tweet (because of the hashtag) will appear on their big screen and all the people from the agency supervising will feel “emphatic” on your lost. No, but real talk, that didn’t solve any problem it just made them feel annoyed at you.

Also, when rightfully tweeting with these hashtags please put on your location so that the agency will also find out where you are and they can immediately respond to your need.

Additional: Download the application Fire Chat because when the cell sites are taken down by natural calamity, Fire chat will save you from the despair of not being able to call your family.

3. Always be mindful of your non-verbal languages.

Your non-verbal languages matter more than your verbal languages, as I’ve learned from Mr. Cannon Lee & Ms. Triz Garcia. Always remember, that when you slouch you are making everyone think that they can pick on you because you’re not confident. When you put your hands on your crotch, it means you’re in discomfort and you’re defensive. While, when you’re on the beauty-pageant pose–your hands on your hips– then you’ll not only look confident but also feel confidently beautiful with a heart!

But despite the non-verbal languages being of a primary importance, you also have to think about your verbal languages. Your non-verbal languages might be an assumption of how you feel but your verbal language can validate their assumption. You should always put into a consideration your tone and the choice of words.

4. “There is no second chance, in the first impression.”

Whenever hosting an event always think that the people watching you right now will no longer be there on your next gig, same with the people on your last gig will not be on your gig right now. You have to treat your audience now, as someone you first met. And think about what do you want these people to think of you? Of course, it’s supposed to be something positive.

That’s why you have to be prepared with your script, you should dress well, and you should always leave the mark that you want them to remember you for.

And for me that is; I want that on the next time I host an event I want to be labeled as someone who dresses smartly and speaks like radio jockey. (Don’t worry, I’m working on it!)

5. Think of a concept of yourself, brand yourself.

This is the most important part, you have to add value and take care of yourself. This is not about being selfish and being too narcissistic. By taking care of yourself it means you have to develop yourself and reach your full potential.You have to have a concept of who you are, you have to brand yourself with something that is unique and reputable.

And what is that something that you have to reach the full potential? Simple, think about the things that keep you up at night. That is your passion. Then, you nurture these passions. That is how you add value and take care of yourself.

For me, despite not having a concept of myself right now, at least I know that my passions are– writing, reading, and editing videos. They keep me up at night most of the time!

Whenever you feel like your dream is not big enough or not crazy enough. Ask yourself:

If the sky is the limit, why did NASA had footprints on the moon?