Day off: Ooma + Dean & Deluca

Last March 30, 2018, we had a staycation at Acqua Residences. I was in a total day-off mode so I really wanted to spend the most out of it, and since I’m already in Mandaluyong and way nearer to my best friend, Pammy, we decided to meet up and have dinner (even though I am still full I still went because why not spend money ugh).

It was a holy week so the Powerplant Mall was closed and the whole Rockwell center was dimmed. But that didn’t stop us from walking around, looking for the perfect Japanese restaurant to satisfy our cravings for Japanese food.

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We went for Ooma, an authentic Japanese restaurant at 1209, 28 Plaza Dr, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila. I’ve known Ooma for a while now because it was one of the restaurants in BGC that attracted me because of their exterior design. They have unique wooden tables and chairs, outside their restaurant which looked like an outdoor bench with Japanese scrolls used as blinds or dividers. But it was always full that’s why we were not able to try it before.

But now, since it’s a holy week and most people are not in the city. When we visited, we were able to take a seat right away. But the funny thing is, after checking the menu outside and asking some things which implied that we are interested to dine there, the employee asked us, “Ma’am do you want to be seated?” Ay? How sabog can you get?

Upon entering, the scrolls hanging from the ceiling will get your attention right away because of how low it seems. The walls’ design also seems like they are unfinished but it was aesthetically pleasing. The tables and chairs were wooden, which totally complemented the Japanese vibes. There is also the second floor but we were not able to check it anymore– maybe next time?

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Buta Kakuni Katsudon 

Pammy ordered the Buta Kakuni Katsudon (Php299) which comes with a salad. Nothing much special about the Katsudon, except the fact that the egg was just rightly cooked and the meat was tender. Also, there are nori strips on top which didn’t really make any difference.

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Ebi Tempura Maki 

This. This. This. I ordered the Ebi Tempura Maki (Php 245) because I was seriously craving for Makis in the last weeks. And when I tasted this one. Boom. Fireworks. Confetti.

I knew that Ooma was really an authentic Japanese restaurant because even if you bite the half of this Maki it will still be in its perfect shape. It also has Avocado inside which complemented with the sauce, so it was really really good it was a tunnel to my heart. But the Shrimps’ heads were just awkward. I mean, imagine eating something like that on a date, and you had to spit out the head because of your personal preference that it’s kinda strange.

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Dean and Deluca Interior

After getting satisfied with our Japanese dinner, we searched for a place where we can have dessert. After going from Starbucks to Wildflour, we ended up in Dean & Deluca at Ground Floor Edades Tower, Rockwell Center, 18 Amorsolo Dr, Makati, 1209 Kalakhang Maynila. It’s famous for their cakes and their breakfast menu. I also heard about it before because my sister was also a restaurant junky.

Unfortunately, when we came, they were about to close already, the second floor can’t even be occupied anymore.

We settled on the first floor, and elegance is everywhere. The big walls and the wine counter were just so fancy. It’s really such a nice place to do paperwork because it’s too peaceful. But, there are speakers outside where you can hear music but you’ll hardly hear it if you’re inside.

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Salted Dean & Deluca Cake 

We just ordered one cake because the slice was really big, the cakes left were not that interesting anymore, and we are not that hungry for it. It’s like we just wanted to pacify our sweet tooth as well.

The cake we ordered was the Salted Dean & Deluca Cake (Php283.21) which is a moist chocolate cake with caramel bits drizzled on top. It was really mouth watering because I love moist chocolate cakes + anything caramel so this was really a good deal!


This is us in our Tita form. We’d like to also thank Dean & Deluca for giving us boiling water when we only asked for warm water. We appreciated the cleansing of the sweets.

Ooma Restaurant

1209, 28 Plaza Dr, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila.

Dean & Deluca 

Ground Floor Edades Tower, Rockwell Center, 18 Amorsolo Dr, Makati, 1209 Kalakhang Maynila

There you have it. Hope to hear your experience!


Radiate that retro diner vibes: Burgoo

It has been roughly two years since the last time I saw my best friend, Jem.  I remember when we were in high school, a lot of people say that we were such a twin. We were inseparable– and whenever we are it’s just because we fought (ugh you know high school dramas). But, when college happened, we went separate ways because she transferred school, and since then we sported a low-maintenance relationship.

But, during the Christmas break, we decided to set up a date to catch up– which I was 80% positive wouldn’t push through the last minute, and, although we already sported that low-maintenance relationship, with my attitude of don’t-invite-twice-if-you-get-rejected-the-first-time, if it won’t push through today, there will be a gap as huge as San Andreas fault that will be apparent.

But thank God, it push through.

IMG_2526 (6)

I Booky-ed a table for two at Burgoo, and I know that it’s quite popular because its menu serves the similar food to Gumbo and TGIF, but maybe it was just that it was a non-peak hour that is why there were fewer people, and we get to choose our spot– which is a couch beside the big windows. Gurl, natural lighting will always be terrific!

The ambiance of the restaurant is similar to a retro diner, there were a lot of pop art memoirs on the walls + the couch seats and the simple mosaic chandelier + the counter for orders was in the middle of the restaurant which really radiated that ultimate American diner vibes. It just didn’t have the LED lights (red, blue, violet) combination to be at par with Poblacion’s Filling Station or other 90’s retro diner themed restaurants. But when you try it, you’d agree that it subtly gives out that vibe.

Also, the restaurant employees were very approachable. Storytime: I tend to get slight panic attacks whenever we order and my friends take too long to decide because I feel responsible for wasting that person’s time– especially for those who are always blank-faced whenever they’re getting our orders. However, for Burgoo the employees were very patient and they even helped us decide by suggesting some Manager’s choice dishes.


Pizza Sampler (Php 495)


Since our agenda for today was to really catch up, we decided to order a lot of food to keep us company. So, first, we ordered the Pizza Sampler (Php 495) which is a pizza for people who can’t choose what flavor to order so voila! they already made it easier by placing 4 flavors in 1 pizza!

However, I am very particular with pizza because I really love them and a good pizza for me is the one that is difficult to get because of the abundance of Mozzarella cheese and/or the flavor that it gives with all the toppings blending in my taste buds. However, for this Pizza, although it was served hot it felt like it was made last night and it was only reheated. The toppings were good, but the pizza’s dough was dry.


Seafood Jambalaya Supreme (Php 395)


Next, we ordered Seafood Jambalaya Supreme (Php 395). This one is my favorite. Aside from it is rice, it’s also Seafood Paella which I’m really in love with. Plus, there is also the chicken which could’ve been better if it wasn’t just fried like the ones we do at home.


Supreme Sampler (Php 425)

Lastly, the Supreme Sampler (Php425). This is also one of the good food that we had. I love the cheddar cheese fries and the calamari especially when it was dipped in that Tartar sauce (if I’m not mistaken).

However, the buffalo wings were just like a fried chicken covered with ketchup. I was expecting it to be more flavorful until the bones, but it wasn’t. Also for the Mozzarella sticks, it’s good in the first few bites but the cheese inside was too thick it would give you goosebumps.


Jem and me!


And here is a good picture of us taken by the restaurant employee.

Burgoo has been a reputable dining place which people had been going to for decades. I believe that a business will not be in the arena for such a long time if it didn’t work hard to be in that spot. However, for Burgoo (SM North) which the only Burgoo I’ve been to… yet, I think they focused on other things than their food. I am fully aware that their service was excellent, their employees were approachable and they were perceptive with our needs (refilling water, offering this and that, taking another photo etc), they patiently waited for us when we were deciding on which food to order, and also the place was very clean.

However, it is a restaurant. After all, it should focus on serving good quality food. In a perspective of non-chef but a home-cook, the food should be more palatable. Maybe heighten the room temperature so that the food will have a longer time before it sogs. And of course… Put more love to the art of cooking! Maybe Burgoo wasn’t just in their best shape when we visited, so I am looking forward to visiting it and giving it another try.

So there you have it! If you want to visit a subtle retro diner, go to Burgoo! You can find it at 3/F SM City North EDSA, The Block, North Ave, Sto. Cristo, Quezon City. Hope to hear your experience!

Underconstruction: Slappy Cakes

It is one of those days where my BFFs, Pammy & Krizia, and I, want to merge being productive in school and having quality time with each other. My professors have been pretty much being demanding, thus the piling up of works encourages us to procrastinate more!

So when our class ended, we went to the location where Krizia will be doing her self-portrait for our Humanities class. We helped her set up and even suggested alternative angles. Then after that, we went to Taguig because we are going to film Pammy for her self-portrait– which she hasn’t even made plans of.

To cut the story short, Krizia was the only one who finished her self-portrait, and Pammy wasn’t able to do hers. Then, since we don’t want to waste our time and effort, we decided to have dinner at Slappy Cakes. 

Actually, Slappy Cakes wasn’t our first choice since I always want Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, or Italian cuisine, and besides, we are not like Westerners who would think about eating Pancakes for dinner. (I mean, do they?) Asians prefer rice or pasta for dinner!

But we ended up here. Upon entering, the ambiance of the restaurant gave that 90’s diners vibes with its tiled-like brick walls and the styles of the tables and chairs.

Also what encouraged us to dine here is the fact that we are going to make our own pancakes! Isn’t it amazing? I mean, I don’t really like cooking– in general– and I’d prefer to just be the one eating. But when it’s in a restaurant and you get to cook your own food on your table, I admit, I like grabbing the utensils and start pretending I am in an episode of Master Chef Asia!


Enter a caption

The one we ordered was the group meal that was good for 3. If my memory serves me right, the rice is not inclusive with the bucket (or basket) of chicken. That’s why I decided to have a garlic rice– although I think it lacks garlic or I just love garlic that I want a lot?

I forgot how much it costs, but pro-tip always prefer group meals because it’s cheaper.


Then we also had pancakes. Our batter was Buttermilk (Php225), our fixins was Chocolate Chips (Php45), and our topping was Chocolate Sauce (Php60). Yay! Diabetes!

PS. I chose this photo because the finished products were not that photogenic– if you know what I mean.

DSC00081We were already full with the meals that we ordered, but since we booked Php300 off from Booky and we are a hundred short from the Php1000 requirement. We decided to order, Affogato (Php120). Mind you, it’s so sweet. If you are depressed, and in need of sweet food– this is specially made for you.

Mind you, it’s so sweet. If you are depressed, and in need of sweet food– this is specially made for you.

If you are depressed, and in need of sweet food– this is specially made for you.

–this is specially made for you.

DSC00082One of the perks of Booky is that they also give you a free dessert just by answering the feedback form. So to all blogging enthusiasts out there, make sure to download the Booky app so that you can have Php1000 consumable credit to different Booky Prime restaurants.

So there you have it! If you want to visit a restaurant that allows you to cook the pancake on your table, go to Slappy Cakes! You can find it at the Lower Ground Floor, SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City . Hope to hear your experience!