Radiate that retro diner vibes: Burgoo

It has been roughly two years since the last time I saw my best friend, Jem.  I remember when we were in high school, a lot of people say that we were such a twin. We were inseparable– and whenever we are it’s just because we fought (ugh you know high school dramas). But, when college happened, we went separate ways because she transferred school, and since then we sported a low-maintenance relationship.

But, during the Christmas break, we decided to set up a date to catch up– which I was 80% positive wouldn’t push through the last minute, and, although we already sported that low-maintenance relationship, with my attitude of don’t-invite-twice-if-you-get-rejected-the-first-time, if it won’t push through today, there will be a gap as huge as San Andreas fault that will be apparent.

But thank God, it push through.

IMG_2526 (6)

I Booky-ed a table for two at Burgoo, and I know that it’s quite popular because its menu serves the similar food to Gumbo and TGIF, but maybe it was just that it was a non-peak hour that is why there were fewer people, and we get to choose our spot– which is a couch beside the big windows. Gurl, natural lighting will always be terrific!

The ambiance of the restaurant is similar to a retro diner, there were a lot of pop art memoirs on the walls + the couch seats and the simple mosaic chandelier + the counter for orders was in the middle of the restaurant which really radiated that ultimate American diner vibes. It just didn’t have the LED lights (red, blue, violet) combination to be at par with Poblacion’s Filling Station or other 90’s retro diner themed restaurants. But when you try it, you’d agree that it subtly gives out that vibe.

Also, the restaurant employees were very approachable. Storytime: I tend to get slight panic attacks whenever we order and my friends take too long to decide because I feel responsible for wasting that person’s time– especially for those who are always blank-faced whenever they’re getting our orders. However, for Burgoo the employees were very patient and they even helped us decide by suggesting some Manager’s choice dishes.


Pizza Sampler (Php 495)


Since our agenda for today was to really catch up, we decided to order a lot of food to keep us company. So, first, we ordered the Pizza Sampler (Php 495) which is a pizza for people who can’t choose what flavor to order so voila! they already made it easier by placing 4 flavors in 1 pizza!

However, I am very particular with pizza because I really love them and a good pizza for me is the one that is difficult to get because of the abundance of Mozzarella cheese and/or the flavor that it gives with all the toppings blending in my taste buds. However, for this Pizza, although it was served hot it felt like it was made last night and it was only reheated. The toppings were good, but the pizza’s dough was dry.


Seafood Jambalaya Supreme (Php 395)


Next, we ordered Seafood Jambalaya Supreme (Php 395). This one is my favorite. Aside from it is rice, it’s also Seafood Paella which I’m really in love with. Plus, there is also the chicken which could’ve been better if it wasn’t just fried like the ones we do at home.


Supreme Sampler (Php 425)

Lastly, the Supreme Sampler (Php425). This is also one of the good food that we had. I love the cheddar cheese fries and the calamari especially when it was dipped in that Tartar sauce (if I’m not mistaken).

However, the buffalo wings were just like a fried chicken covered with ketchup. I was expecting it to be more flavorful until the bones, but it wasn’t. Also for the Mozzarella sticks, it’s good in the first few bites but the cheese inside was too thick it would give you goosebumps.


Jem and me!


And here is a good picture of us taken by the restaurant employee.

Burgoo has been a reputable dining place which people had been going to for decades. I believe that a business will not be in the arena for such a long time if it didn’t work hard to be in that spot. However, for Burgoo (SM North) which the only Burgoo I’ve been to… yet, I think they focused on other things than their food. I am fully aware that their service was excellent, their employees were approachable and they were perceptive with our needs (refilling water, offering this and that, taking another photo etc), they patiently waited for us when we were deciding on which food to order, and also the place was very clean.

However, it is a restaurant. After all, it should focus on serving good quality food. In a perspective of non-chef but a home-cook, the food should be more palatable. Maybe heighten the room temperature so that the food will have a longer time before it sogs. And of course… Put more love to the art of cooking! Maybe Burgoo wasn’t just in their best shape when we visited, so I am looking forward to visiting it and giving it another try.

So there you have it! If you want to visit a subtle retro diner, go to Burgoo! You can find it at 3/F SM City North EDSA, The Block, North Ave, Sto. Cristo, Quezon City. Hope to hear your experience!


Timeout: Puzzles (Board Game Lounge)

It is one of those weeks of the month where in we just want to spend money just to redeem our dreadful souls from the accumulated stress clogged in our veins.

It is one of those weeks where we just wanted to take a time out from the reality and c’est la vie!

LOL how I wish! Honestly, I was just having a really hard time studying at home that’s why I decided to meet up with Pammy in BGC, and do our school works together. I don’t know why, but usually, when I do my school works outside our house I always get things done faster.

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Puzzles is a restaurant that will make your ‘catching up’ time with your barkada more fun because they offer a vast collection of board games that you may unlimitedly choose from for only Php100. Plus, they are also a member of Booky Prime Restaurants that’s why they can offer up to Php500 worth of discount!


Personally, I am not fond of board games. As far as I remember Snakes & Ladders and Millionaires are the only board games I have played since I was young. But I think, if we were not busy when we ate here, we might have spent the whole day getting all giddy with all the board games, changing games after one game and learning as many board games as possible.


The Puzzles is also a two-storey building with high ceilings. But as much as I would like to talk about how the second floor looks like, when we asked if we can occupy the 2nd floor, the cashier said that they had to fill the 1st floor first before they allow its occupancy.

And also the menu written in the blackboard is not their entire menu those are just the “manager’s choice” or their “recommended” and they really have a printed menu.

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Beer-battered Chicken fingers with honey mustard dip, Baked Chicken Parmigiana, and Oreo Afraid of the Dark.

Before we started studying for our final exam in Discourse Analysis, we had late lunch first. We ordered Beer-battered Chicken fingers with honey mustard dip (Php370) which are soft chicken breast strips which are cooked tenderly you may eat it by itself or you may dip it to add more tangy taste.

We also ordered Baked Chicken Parmigiana (Php290) because I am a pasta lover and the way I rate a restaurant often depends on this. Yes, the pasta tasted well, but it has the tendency that when it gets a little more exposed to air, the pasta absorbs the oil making it stick together and become dry. But nevertheless, the flavor sat well in the pasta.

For our dessert, we had Oreo Afraid of the Dark (Php150) which is a wicked oreo (oreo inside a pancake) topped with vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. And we actually got two of this because we also answered the feedback in the Booky app, and even though it’s so sweet– of course, who says no to dessert, right?

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Pammy and I

In the Philippines, there are already a lot of restaurants that combined gaming and food. Maybe it’s their way of marketing to male clients or maybe just to put a twist, but usually when they do this it’s either their food will not taste good or the games are limited.

But for Puzzles, they were able to make sure to prioritize the food. All the dishes that we ordered really tasted really well! In fact, the prices are reasonable for their quality.

So there you have it! If you want to visit a quality restaurant with board games available, go to Puzzles! You can find it at Ground Floor, Fort Pointe 2 Building, The Fort Strip, 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Hope to hear your experience!