Evening/Date Makeup (Full Makeup!)

I will be attending a debut this coming weekend, so I wanted to practice the makeup look that I would have. Then, surprisingly, I arrived at a conclusion…–

First of all, you’re welcome.

— that eyeliner can save you in almost all situations! Thus, this is the trick that beginners had to learn. (Click to watch the video.)

Without further ado, let’s head in and get started!


After moisturizing my skin, I applied Maybelline’s Baby Skin (Php299) Face Primer. As you know, putting a face primer helps hold the makeup together and especially for this primer, it erased the obvious open pores you have. this is gold!


Then, I applied Revlon Photoready Foundation on the shade of Golden Beige. I cannot find a good picture of the Golden Beige so I just used this photo, but once again the shade that I used was Golden Beige. Regarding its price, this was only given to me by my sister so I don’t have any idea how much this costs. Besides, I think it’s phase out already and it was the Photoready Airbrush Effect that replaced it. But once again, that was only my hunch. *winks*


For concealing unwanted blemishes, impurities, and uneven skin tone. I used this BYS Concealer in Light, which is 2 shades lighter than my skin tone. Fyi, that’s how you choose your concealer okay? Hahaha.


And then, I set the foundation and concealer using this Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder.

And then, I filled in my eyebrows with this #02 Etude Drawing Pencil. If you would ask me, I would really recommend this product because aside from it does its work well, it is already angled so it’s easier to use.

Daiso Ellefar Glitter Eyeshadow E Coral 02

(Based on the picture, let’s just number them 1-5. 1 is the white, and then 5 is the Violet-y/Chocolate-y color)

For the Eyes, I used this Glitter Eyeshadow Ellefar Color Makeup Series that I got from Daiso months ago. As I’ve said in the video, this is a complete game changer! These glittery eye shadows or eye colors are not trendy at the moment because it’s the neutral colors that are. But as I’ve said, this is a GAME CHANGER. So I used this product.

I placed #5 Violet/Chocolate color on my outer v and extended it to my crease. Then I placed #4 Gold color on the middle part of my lid. Then, I combined #2, a peach/orange color, and #3, a pink color, and placed them on the inner corner. Then, I placed #1 White to highlight my brow bone.

Don’t forget to blend them so that it won’t be too glittery!

And then, the trick that will save you from all situations: *drumrolls* The eyeliner!

I decided to make a winged eyeliner, and one thing that I learned is that if you’re not good with eyeliners, try to manipulate it with the brush you’re going to put it on with.bys-smudgeproof-waterproof-eyeliner-1

So what I did was, I used the BYS Smudge-free eyeliner on the winged part of my eyeliner, BUT! I didn’t use the brush that it has, and instead, I used the one from my finished tube of Maybelline Eyeliner because it has a thinner brush. Good thing, I wasn’t able to dispose of it yet that’s why I interchanged the brushes for both eyeliners. And fortunately, it really worked on giving that defined line that I wanted. (Although, if you’re planning to buy a liquid eyeliner, I would really recommend Maybelline instead.)


And then above my upper lash line, I used the Miniso Gel Eyeliner because it’s gel and it’s controllable. I also didn’t use the brush that it goes along with, and instead I used the brush that is– according to a lot of Google pages– a line brush.


And then, I curled my eyelashes and glued falsies on my upper lash line making sure it’s closest to the real lashes. And then, I applied this Miniso Mascara on the lower lash line so that it will look thicker and it will not make my upper lashes look ((too fake)).


And then, I contoured and highlighted some of the areas of my face with my Happy Skin Contour Kit.


Then, I brushed some Blushing Pink Nichido Blush on my cheeks.


For my lips, I used Michelle Phan’s Em Creamy Color Classic lipstick on the shade of Daredevil. And can I just say that I really like the coverage of this lipstick?? It’s pigmented and the color is just so beautiful! It’s like a violet-y chocolate-y (my favorite word for this blog post lol) color, and it really made my teeth look whiter. Lol. When Colgate fails you, Em is here for you. 


And for the “gradient” effect, I used Colourpop on the shade of Midi and applied it on the middle part of my lips. This shade is something that I believe I cannot really wear on its own, it’s too pinkish and not suitable for my skin. But since it’s another “donation” from my sister, who I am to leave it behind right?

So, one thing about lipsticks if you cannot wear it by itself, mix it with another color. It will not only save you from buying another lipstick, but it will nurture the creativity in you and it will help you have your “own lipstick color.”

Don’t forget to spray some finishing spray that will extra-hold your makeup!

Finished product:


There you have it, folks! Thank you for watching my tutorial and reading this blog!

Have a nice weekend everyone! Stay organized and be kind!

[PS. All the products’ photos are not mine.]



Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Since school is approaching (for us) and it’s enrollment week this week. I decided to make a tutorial on how I do my– drumrolls– everyday makeup!

The following are the products I used on the makeup tutorial I posted on Youtube. (Click here to view the video.)


After moisturizing my skin, I spread this face primer all over my face and especially on the sides of my nose where my pores are most visible.

I have few primers on my kit, but this Maybelline Pore Eraser is the one I loved the most. When my makeup is already done, I just waited for few more minutes and then when I checked my face I was surprised how flawless my skin suddenly has become. This primer deserves 10 stars!

This is the CC Cream that I used. Often, when I do Everyday makeups, I don’t use a foundation because it feels heavy on my face. Unlike when using CC Cream/ BB Cream it’s easier to manage.

I also liked this CC Cream because it actually works on correcting my uneven skin tone and when it gets absorbed by the face it will look like it’s natural.


For concealing unwanted blemishes, impurities, and uneven skin tone. I used this BYS Concealer, which is almost 2 shades lighter than my skin tone. Fyi, that’s how you choose your concealer okay? Hahaha.


The loose powder that I used is the Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder. It may look like it’s just a usual loose powder but it actually works on preventing your face to be oily or shiny throughout the day. I don’t know how much this costs right now, but the last time I bought it, it was around Php500-800.

However, if you don’t have Php800 you can use your Johnson’s Baby Powder because that’s also a loose powder. (#ThriftMode)


This is a Nichido Blush’s Blushing Pink that I bought for only Php88, and it’s not at Daiso, but at Watsons! It has a pretty good coverage, and it’s like a magic blush that when you put it in your cheeks, it will not appear right away. You have to wait for few seconds and then it will dramatically tint your cheeks.

It also stays on your face for a long time, and it sets itself along with the whole makeup that you have. And once it sets with your foundation/cc cream it will really look like it’s a natural blush.

Since the time I bought it, it never left my purse every time I go out!


For the Eyebrows, I used this Etude Drawing Eyebrow. The shade that I have is a grayish brown #02 because that is the one nearest to my eyebrows’ natural color. It’s also easy to use because it’s already angled and it only costs Php175! It’s highly recommended for people who are thrifty because you can use it for almost 2-4 months of everyday use.


Since my eyebrows are problematic, and the left eyebrow is going to a different direction that is entirely unlike the right one. I have to cut it shorter so that it won’t be stubborn and to keep my eyebrows in place I used a Mary Kay Brow Gel.

And since this is just an everyday makeup, I wanted it to be natural so I didn’t use a tinted brow gel. This is just a clear brow gel.


After curling my lashes, I applied this Mascara Cream that I bought at Miniso Robinsons Manila. This costs Php149, and it’s a huge tube with a lot of beauty inside. Although, it didn’t volumize my lashes like those of the Kardashians it really helped in maintaining the curl of my lashes.


Then, I used this Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm. It’s just the clear one, just to moisturize my lips before I put on my matte liquid lipstick.


And last but definitely not the least, after using my lip balm I tinted my lips with Lime Crime’s Faded. I only applied one layer, so that it will look like pinkish nude.

There you have it, folks! Thank you for watching my tutorial!


#NoFilter #RawPicture

I think the next video will take a little while because aside from my busy schedule, my skin also needs to rest to go back to its usual self. I’ve been very stressed out lately because we’re moving out and pressure from “Tawag ng Tanghalan.”

I think I need to step up my skin care routines to keep up with the stress.

Anyway, have a nice day everyone. Stay organized and be kind!

[PS. All the products’ photos are not mine.]