2017, I am so ready

For the past years, it has been my tradition to list my new year’s resolutions. Despite the fact that I am unconsciously only doing half of it, or it has been the same resolutions I have been doing annually,  I still do it because it allows me to expect a certain view of my whole year.

Indeed, 2016 was eventful, I even claimed it as my year. Imagine, this year I was able to maintain being on the dean’s list, I got my article published in Thought Catalog, and I even joined a televised singing contest called “Tawag ng Tanghalan.” Aside from that, I also met new friends and developed a tight relationship with them. Even though there were a lot of mishaps that happened around the world– wars, elections, territorial dispute, etc– I still believe that for me, 2016 is the year that I grew as a person.

So, for the year 2017, I decided to make 5 SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound) resolutions. This time I am not going to focus on the goals, instead I am going to focus on the specific activities that will help me achieve the goals.


Be a better version of myself

One insecurity that I have is that I am plus size. Probably some people think that I am not, and I am just unproportionate for having smaller legs for my body. But even though I’ve heard too much positive and negative comments about my body, I would like to achieve a better version of myself.

Activities: I would like to focus on running at least 2-5 times a week, I will continue avoiding soft drinks, and I’m buying fruits every week. In terms of my diet, I am going to pursue this 1 rice a day diet. Strictly no rice at night!


Knowledge is power

Part of becoming a better version of yourself is being motivated to do so, and I believe that some people tend to lose motivation because of the influence of other people, so if I have a healthy mind then people will find it difficult to imbue bad influences on me.

For the past months, I found myself having difficulties studying because I was too distracted and lazy to do an active reading. But I realized that if I will manage my time properly, my mind will be in a way programmed that in this specific time, I should be studying. In this way, my mind will be reminded that during this specific time, it should be absorbing all the words I am reading.

Activities: I will strictly follow a schedule so that I will have the abundance of time to read academic and non-academic books, and at the same time I will still have time with my friends. Also, this year, I would like to read books about culture and world histories, so that every time I am going out of the country I will be able to understand diversity and at the same time I will not be always in awe when people say trivia, and instead I’d be able to add something too.


I’m going to reap what I sow

For the past year, as far as I remember, I was only able to save up until the first quarter of the year. No need for explanations, I fail in budgeting and I am an unreasonably spendthrift. And I don’t want to make the same mistake, so this time I will definitely use my allowance well.

There has been a 52-week challenge that has gone viral on Facebook, but as a middle-class student, we found the 52-week challenge very difficult to maintain because the amount is progressively increasing. So Krizia decided to create our “personalized” 52-week challenge. (You’re free to use it, we’ll not get 10% of your final savings~ hehehe)


Credits to Krizia 

Activities: Every month, my allowance will be divided into my monthly savings, toiletries, yogurts, milk, and fruits! And I will also keep away from spending too much money on fast foods or high-maintenance eat out with my friends.

Realization: It’s also better if you’re doing this 52-week challenge with your friends who you’re always spending with. In this way, it will help you all together to save up and not spend on unnecessary things.


No to negativity

Aside from being physically, mentally, and financially equipped this 2017, I also would like to gloss this year with emotional stability. As I’ve said 2016 was the year I met new friends, but it was also the year I lost ones. Now that I am starting a new year, I don’t want these negative experiences to hinder me from meeting new people, because of my fear of going in the cycle again. Now that I am starting a new year, I want to prioritize those people who never gave up on dealing with my emotional instability.

I admit, being mean and having strong personality are already circulated in my blood. But I want to make people realize that being strong doesn’t mean that I am always capable of healing. I am also a needy person who needs assurance and consistencies every once in a while.

Activities: I will always welcome the day with a smile and whisper grace to God for giving me another day to do better than yesterday. I will always try to see the good in every situation, and if people told me that it’s impossible to always choose the easier path, then I’ll prove them wrong. I will make sure, every day, that I am not making decisions that will complicate me in the future. I am still not yet done solving my problems from 2016, I can’t afford to be more drowned in debt.


When an act becomes a habit

This year I will be more selfish, and I will focus on my self-growth. I want to stop wasting my time to other people. I want to stop robbing myself the happiness that she deserves. I believe that some people, prefer friends over their own success because they think that when they succeed they will lose the friends– who would compliment them for the good work.

First of all, if they are your true friends they would be there through thick and thin. You don’t have to stoop down to a level that all of you are together, as a friend you should focus on helping each other climb up the ladder of success. Second, why would you need people to compliment you for your good work? Posting it online just means that you’re sharing a good news to them, but not necessarily to fish their compliments. After all, whether they appreciate your success or not, the success is still yours.

Activities: I will write every Friday for Thought Catalog and/or my blogs, and I will practice songs/playing Piano every Saturday, and I will read books every Sunday. I’m not doing this the whole day, I will schedule it together with my school works. Regarding the Youtube videos, I am still thinking about it. hehehe

2016 was a daring year, but 2017 will be more daring. Let’s continue the hard work last year, and be the best version of ourselves! Let’s learn from the mistakes of last year!


Paraluman: Singing Alternative Class

Last October 27, 2016, I was invited to be an instructor in the annual alternative class of the College of Rehabilitation Science (CRS) at the University of Santo Tomas (at the building behind ours, to be exact.) This will be my first ever experience of being an instructor, and I was stoked when the Student Council secretary, Julianne Yabut, invited me! That even though I have a make-up class in my major subject from 3-5pm, I didn’t back out from this event because, hello experience!?

It wasn’t really a grandiose event like a huge workshop on singing, but it is more of a close interaction with a small group. There were 2 batches, the first batch was from 1-2:30 pm, with 3 people. And the next batch was from 3-4:30 pm, with 6 people.

I actually prepared a powerpoint presentation, but since there are only a few people I decided to just do a monolog, and then asked them to sing. I shared my experience in my road to Tawag ng Tanghalan— which almost 3 months passed already and I haven’t done my blog nor my vlog about it. I also shared the rough road prior to being part of the most sought-after noontime televised singing contest. And then, I asked them to sing hoping that I can teach them the breathing, or how to reach certain notes, or if they’re sounding too nasal. But, they are too shy. So, I just jammed with them and talked about everything in this world, and of course, I also did encourage them to join the said contest.

Being at the building of the CRS, it felt like I am in another dimension. It has a total diverse culture compared to what we have in our building. Their hallways seemed like hallways in the hospital, something wide and illuminated, the doors also felt like hospital doors, packed with unique stories for each door. The way people talk is calmer and they always look into your eyes like as if asking about your need.

I don’t know if it’s because they are being molded as health service provider, whereas in our building we are being molded as fighters for justice and against the ill-natured schemes, therefore we are more of the aggressive and defensive type. Or probably I was just overthinking because it’s my first time doing something in their building and not just merely using their facilities.

These are my “students” for batch 1 and batch 2. As much as I wanted to include their names, I am not really good with names. I remember my students from batch 1, but from batch 2 some names are sketchy– gosh I really have to work on that.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

The event finished at around 4:30pm, and after I was given the certificate and the token of appreciation. I already left because I have to meet my friends and ask about the make-up class which I scheduled *rolls eyes* but missed.

Since CRS gave me a 500-worth of Starbucks gift certificate, we continued the plan of eating/drinking/just quality time together. I thought our plan of drinking or eating will no longer push through, but guess where we are? We were at Starbucks Carpark and spent all the gift certificate.

And honestly, I can’t remember the last time I had an insane good laugh.

This is a such a good day, thank you Lord!