Annyeonghaseyo, chingu!: Don Day

For the past years, Korean restaurants have been booming in the Philippines. A lot of netizens across social media platforms are in constant search for affordable unlimited Korean restaurants, may it be with a buffet or just the grill. With all the affordable Korean restaurants I’ve seen, I always prefer the ones with the buffet rather than the unlimited samgyupsal only, not only because of the price difference but also because I think I’d grow a whole pig farm in my tummy if that would be the only thing I’ll eat.

Personally, I’ve only felt the Korean-restaurant-craze this 2016 since I once believed that I am not a buffet person because I am a little picky about food. That when there are a lot of choices, I tend to settle on my favorites again and again until I get full and that includes RICE so I’d get full faster so I won’t be able to stack up many plates, thus I’ll think that I am at a disadvantage.

However, with my brother’s training, I realized that I was raised to be a fighter so I can conquer… the grilling & piles of plates! My first Korean buffet restaurant experience was in Sodam, however, it’s too far from our house so I wanted to try Don Day.


It was a usual stressful weekday in school but it was a little lax since we only have a school event at 1 PM, so I pulled my Samgyup Squad for lunch, and we arrived there at around 10:30 AM.

But they are not open until 11 AM. And I didn’t know about it until then. For everyone’s information and for my future reference they are open for lunch from 11 AM to 2:30 PM, then dinner from 5 PM to 10 PM.

We waited at 7 Eleven beside it, touched the alcohol bottles and talk about the hardest liquor they drank, and I’m just there evaluating how boring my life is as I question their preference to drink bitter and weird tasting alcohol drinks. I came to a conclusion that growing up in a patriarchal society like the Philippines, the degree of bitterness of a liquor you can take is related to some form of female masculinity. (I don’t know about you but isn’t it too shallow that masculinity can simply be based on alcohol?)

Almost 10-15 minutes before 11 AM, the servers already let us in. We chose a table near the buffet table, got hyped up and after settling our things we started the food trip.


There are two sides of Don Day, it’s not that it’s different Don Days it’s just that they divided the food into two sides. This is one side of Don Day where it is mostly the dishes and the individual food.

8Here is the other side, where the Bibimbap corner is, the soups, the fruits, the side dishes, the condiments, the liquor, and other food are.

Oh my! Look at the variety of food and you can take those unlimited + Unlimited samgyupsal for only Php499, or unlimited Chadolbaegi for only Php599!


They also offer ice creams but it’s not included in the buffet.


This is how our table looks like. It might look like it’s aesthetically pleasing but don’t get fooled by Photoshop, okay!? It was really chaotic!

The restaurant is really huge, there are a lot of tables and there are a lot of people who dine there. It’s very tidy especially their restroom! And a clean restroom is always a plus point!

The servers were also attentive to the things that you need like refilling water and taking out the used plates in the table– or to help you with the grill because you don’t have the same griller and the switch’s instruction is in Korean/Japanese.


My Samgyup Squad. I appreciated it. Really. I remember threatening them that if they will back out last minute and give me lame excuses it will be the last time that I’ll invite them. (#HillaryDramasAlwaysWin) These people really have wonderful personalities and while we’re eating I didn’t know why my tummy ached so good, is it because of the food or the stories we shared? I can’t remember but it was such a good tummy ache. This will definitely not be the last one.

Don Day, may be one of the underrated Korean Restaurants in Quezon City, but for me, it’s the best Korean buffet restaurant among the 3 I’ve been to. They serve authentic food, their service is good, and the price is enough for the quality of food. Don Day is definitely my go-to Korean buffet restaurant.

So there you have it! If you want to visit a hidden gem unlimited Korean buffet restaurant, go to Don Day! You can find it at Sunshine Boulevard Plaza, Quezon Avenue Corner Scout Santiago Street, South Triangle, Quezon City. Hope to hear your experience!


Neon nights: Big Boy’s Diner

Diners have been a huge part of the American history because it was usually the place where Americans traveling long miles take their rest, socialize with other travelers, fuel their cars, and have a meal any time of the day. Diners have been a symbol of America, especially in most pop culture, and the Philippines, being one of the main bearers of American culture in Asia– diners-themed restaurants gained so much popularity and they spread out like wildfire around the Philippines.

One of the nearest diners in our area is the Big Boy’s Diner which has been very popular as a place where people do photo shoots because of the blue, violet and red neon lights that also became trendy because of the American series Riverdale. They open at around 5pm, and it’s really important that you come earlier and reserve a table because the place is small so the seats are very limited.


Upon entering you will be mesmerized with how they could convince you that you stepped into another era. The colors and style of the seats, the arrangement of the whole restaurant, the style of the menu, the design, and the uniform of the servers are all like a cutout from pictures of American diners in the 50’s.

But I think that’s all that this restaurant can offer.


We ordered Macho Nacho (Php140) which is nachos consisting cheese sauce, salsa, and few chicken bites. In the first few bites, it’s still crunchy, but as you go to the inner part the nachos are soggy and you have to shove it to your mouth very fast or else it will crumble.


We also ordered Big Boy’s Burger (Php200) which is a burger with tomato, lettuce, bacon, onion, American cheese, mushrooms, and a beef patty. There is no problem with the burger, from the buns to patty they are really cooked well. The patty was also thick enough and the lettuce was fresh.

However, the onion rings that come with it was really surprising. This is the first time I saw onion rings as thin, weak, and tasteless as this. The onion rings almost looked like pasta. I hope they would improve this, or remove it from their menu at all.


The last thing we ordered was the Waffle (Php85) which I forgot why we really ordered. But it was thick and good enough but I hope they would be more generous with the syrup because this is very thick and it doesn’t have anything in it.


For our drinks, we had Vanilla (Php140) and Unicorn Milkshakes (Php150). The Vanilla was enough to bring the boys in the yard but the Unicorn was the one that would shoo away the boys because it was so sweet and you would really get goosebumps in every sip.

At around 6pm, the lights turned on and everyone started taking photos of themselves, their friends, and the place because it suddenly turned similar to 50’s diners in America.

So of course, we will not miss this chance!


To sum it up, Big Boy’s Diner is a good restaurant, it has a good place, good price, and a good idea of the menu. However, I think they have to work on few things: First, customer service, regardless of how tired the diners are every diner is different so they shouldn’t be frowning at their diners just because the previous ones didn’t receive them well. Probably try to be more enthusiastic, recommend a food, and volunteer to take photos of them– you know try to be friendly. Second, I know the place is very popular but they shouldn’t pressure the people seated just because some people are waiting outside. It’s still a first come first served basis. Don’t come to the table and get the menu because it’s like saying “You don’t have any order? Ok, you better leave so the next one can come in and order.” Not everyone who comes to the restaurant just wants to eat, sometimes they also need to chat??? Lastly, they should improve their menu. They already have a grasp of what should be on the menu, they just have to improve the taste and the presentation.

So there you have it! If you want to visit diner with the 50’s vibes, go to Big Boy’s Diner! You can find it at 128 Sto. Domingo Avenue Corner Sta. Catalina Street, Banawe, Quezon City. Hope to hear your experience!

Almost midnight meal: Denny’s

Denny’s has been a word of mouth for being synonymous to iHop, but I’m not really a fan of pancakes so I wasn’t that interested in this restaurant. However, our “late dinner” was already close to midnight snack and there were only a few restaurants left open– and Denny’s was one of them.

So why not give it a try?

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

As far as I remember it was around 10 PM when we peeked at the restaurant and one of the staffs gladly opened the door saying that they are not yet closed and they still get orders.

So, we went in and chose a corner couch seat because there was a TV near it and my brother wanted to watch the NBA game. I also liked that spot because it’s quieter and I’d get less distracted by people coming in or passing by. After we have settled, the server handed us the menu and we ordered right away. Actually, I was worried that they would say that some of the dishes are already unavailable because they ran out of ingredients. But fortunately, they are all still available!


Skillet Wrap (Php335)

One of the food that we ordered was the Skillet Wrap (Php335) it is nacho meat and pico de gallo, wrapped in a tortilla on a pepper jack cheese sauce topped with sunny side up egg. It’s one of the most delicious food I ate in my life, they place my favorites in one skillet. Plus! The egg was cooked very well. So I’m really sure that the next time I dine at Denny’s this will be my order!


The Original Slam (Php385)

Another food that we ordered was The Original Slam (Php385) it was the traditional American breakfast with pancakes, bacon, sausage, and egg. There’s nothing much special about it, I even told my brother that he can pay me Php350 and I’ll make that for him. But I wonder how I’d make pancakes that thick and fluffy?

Let’s not forget that Denny’s was very generous with the syrup, they have a bottle for every table. I won’t be surprised if we’d get Diabetes after eating! #NoRegrets


Chicken and Pork Adobo (Php295)

We also ordered Chicken and Pork Adobo (Php295) which also has nothing much special aside from the 2 well-cooked egg there. The Adobo was in the middle of being sour and sweet, and the price for it is a little too much. But you see, the egg was there, it makes every food good. (Nope, you’re wrong, egg is not my favorite food.)


Choco Overload Peanut Butter Pancake Plate (Php395)

Then, this is my order: Choco Overload Peanut Butter Pancake Plate (Php395). If you’re going to ask me why I ordered this after saying that I’m not a fan of pancakes– well my answer is that I also don’t know. Probably I was being a glutton that time or I just made a mistake, but all I know is that the pancake was really delicious in the first few bites. The chocolate and the peanut butter really goes well with the fluffy pancake and there was even a time that I poured some syrup into it. Oh! I remember how shiver went down my spine when it touched my tongue.

But nevertheless, the bacon, sausage, and egg are magnificent, they were a huge help in pacifying the sweetness.


Strawberry Milkshake (Php205) and Salted Caramel frappe (Php95).


Just when you thought that we are already having tooth ache, we also ordered Strawberry Milkshake (Php205) and Salted Caramel frappe (Php95).

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Then they also gave us free bottles of Andy Player as a Father’s day treat– which I was subtly wishing to taste but never got the chance.


To sum it up, Denny’s was able to provide a good service, their food was above average, although I hope they’d work on a little with the prices because it’s too much for its quality.

Nevertheless, it was really enjoyable because I was with my family.

So there you have it! If you want to visit a late-night restaurant with the American cuisine vibes, go to Denny’s! You can find it on the Fourth Floor, Trinoma Mall, Bagong Pag-Asa, Quezon City. Hope to hear your experience!

Cheesy: Kko Kko

June 2017 was my last summer vacation. God knows it was one hell of a semester and this summer vacation was the only oasis motivating me as I dragged myself to school every day, complying with every requirement after requirements.

But even though how dreadful this semester was and how much I’m looking for that “detachment from responsibilities,” I still like to make it productive. That’s why I made sure that I’m working on many things even though I’m on vacation. Lucky me, on the first 3 weeks of my summer vacation, I already got myself a thesis adviser and a thesis topic– which was revised and continuously being revised as of December 2017. Plus, I also got appointed to become an Organizing Committee President for my org’s event which was also time-consuming since it was my first time and I was just blindly balancing everything while I’m walking on a thin string of fate.

But of course, being the Leo myself, I would always love myself more than anyone or anything, so even though I have a lot of things to do, I’d still make an effort to make myself happy.

One thing that makes me happy the most: anything Korean-related. (Korean Dramas, Korean Restaurants, Korean Stationeries, Korean Facemasks, Korean Fashion, and Korea itself.)

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Kko Kko is one of the restaurants that gained a lot of attention because it is not just a typical Korean restaurant but they actually specialize in Chicken which you’ll have to dip in Cheese Fondue!

I have already read about Kko Kko through Booky and, so I’ve been planning to eat here. But I guess once you don’t plan for something, that’s when it happens more because for some unforeseen circumstances my brother just told me to try this one with him because he knows how much I love Korean-related things, and voila! This happened.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Rabokki (Php368)

I have been craving for Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes) mixed with Ramyeon, but most of the Tteokbokki I know, usually are either overcooked (so soggy) or undercooked (so hard).  So when I came across this Rabokki (Php368) in the menu which is a Korean Ramen with Tteokbokki, Odeng (Korean fish cake), White Onions, Cabbage, and topped with Mozzarella Cheese, all simmered in a spicy soup, I knew this one will be part of our order.

It was all in a pot, put in a stove, and placed on our table. But I must say that it’s a little annoying because I can feel the steam and the seat I’ve chosen is where the air-conditioning unit directly blows air into. So basically when the steam goes up from the pot, the air-conditioning unit blows it to my face. And that’s a dilemma.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Chicken Cheese Fondue- Half (Php658)

A melted cheese on a bread, French Fries, Onion Rings and boneless chicken with the flavor of your choice, yes, that’s what’s included in the Chicken Cheese Fondue. I have always been aware of how good Cheese is, but when it’s used with my favorite dishes it gets way more delicious!

The chicken that we ordered was just the original, and it tasted like a soy chicken which is a very popular chicken flavor even when I tried it in a Korean restaurant “Chicken Up” in Singapore. Every time you will bite the chicken, it’s very crispy and the flavor is not just on the outside. Also, I am in love with Onions so much, and being able to eat an onion that’s as huge and thick as this, it makes me happier! For the French Fries, don’t worry it’s just the same French fries you can have anywhere. And of course, for the cheese fondue, I guarantee you that you won’t feel umay (the flavor is too rich, you don’t like to eat it anymore because you get goosebumps) since we all know that most Korean delicacies are sweet and then you would have to dip it to cheese more.

So there you have it! If you want to visit a restaurant specializing on cheese fondue with Chicken , go to Kko Kko! You can find it at The Sapphire Bloc, Sapphire Road, Ortigas, Pasig City and other branches. Hope to hear your experience!

#Retreat2017: Day 1

As what Maya Angelou said, “each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.” And for us, we didn’t only have a day, but three!

Last November 8th to 10th, we had a retreat at Caleruega Philippines, in Nasugbu, Batangas. It is a 3-day disconnection from the real world and reconnection to our friends and foes through allowing the dominance of our vulnerability and dormancy of our negative judgments towards each other. There was also a spiritual empowerment and a pause to see a bigger picture of our past decisions.

Our estimated departure time was 11 AM– but me being so excited about this I wasn’t even able to sleep— I arrived in UST at around 9:30 AM.  It was very sunny, it was almost difficult to walk around UST to get some last-minute *~retreat letters~*. Before we board the bus we had lunch at Jollibee Asturias first because we will no longer be having any stopover for lunch.

At around 11 AM, we started traveling to Nasugbu, Batangas. We traveled for roughly 3 hours, but I was never able to sit down because I  was very busy taking pictures, distributing retreat letters, asking payments for the mass offerings, and singing in the karaoke as well! In fact, I felt really honored to be a dispatcher– I even realized that I could be a good surfer because of my talent in balancing in a moving bus in a zigzag highway!


At 2:30 PM we arrived in Caleruega Philippines and upon entering, I automatically felt bliss because this place has been my jar of good memories. And I am very excited to make new memories with new people in the same place.

When we arrived we were just oriented about the house rules and then they gave us the room assignments and we went to our room to fix our things. I was also tasked to become the bell ringer and key holder.

I was excited about our rooms this time because when I had a retreat 5 years ago in this place, we were in a room good for 4-8 people with one bathroom. But now, almost 30 girls are in a very big room in Catalina Hall with almost 40 bunk beds and there is also a huge bathroom that sheltered around 10 toilet and 10 shower cubicles.

It just made our experience way better because it felt like we were in a ladies’ dormitory and we don’t need to knock on someone’s door because we can just go barge into their beds.


At 3:00 PM we had our snack: Spaghetti.



While waiting for our first session we decided to take pictures first. Hoping to find a picture that is decent enough for a profile picture for the Social Media accounts. lol


At around 4:15 PM we had our first session with Fr. Rafael “Pop” Lusuergo, OP. When we arrived in the Gazekubo there were envelopes with papers on our chair, and then after some talk, he told us to make an emblem describing ourselves, plot our life graph of happiness, and he also asked us to design the envelope where people can put the encouraging/kind notes and then we placed it on the panel board.


Conceptualizing the emblem, writing and coloring them– I really found them therapeutic. I was really having fun and I was putting enough effort on them.

Although I know it’s not really noticeable because I am not very good at these forms of art.


At around 6:30 PM we already had our dinner. Then, we took pictures and had some free time to read our retreat letters.


Our last session started at 7:30 PM and it was more of a sharing. In fact, I felt like I am the retreat master because I was the one facilitating the sharing! So many dream jobs getting unlocked today! 

We formed a big circle, and we shared the reason why our emblem was designed that way and the story behind our life graph of happiness. We finished this until 12 midnight, and it was just relaxing because we were all just letting our emotions take over us, exhausting all the negativities that we have been concealing. We were very vulnerable and it’s just so beautiful how we are able to see the genuineness of each other because we are sincere with how we really feel.

The lights out was supposed to be at 11 PM but we were informed that it’s not really followed so we can just go on and finish the sharing. It was almost midnight when we were able to finish.

We finished with a group hug and a prayer, then we went back to our room (Catalina Hall) and we started preparing for sleep. But of course, no one slept until 2 AM.

Like me.

Timeout: Puzzles (Board Game Lounge)

It is one of those weeks of the month where in we just want to spend money just to redeem our dreadful souls from the accumulated stress clogged in our veins.

It is one of those weeks where we just wanted to take a time out from the reality and c’est la vie!

LOL how I wish! Honestly, I was just having a really hard time studying at home that’s why I decided to meet up with Pammy in BGC, and do our school works together. I don’t know why, but usually, when I do my school works outside our house I always get things done faster.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Puzzles is a restaurant that will make your ‘catching up’ time with your barkada more fun because they offer a vast collection of board games that you may unlimitedly choose from for only Php100. Plus, they are also a member of Booky Prime Restaurants that’s why they can offer up to Php500 worth of discount!


Personally, I am not fond of board games. As far as I remember Snakes & Ladders and Millionaires are the only board games I have played since I was young. But I think, if we were not busy when we ate here, we might have spent the whole day getting all giddy with all the board games, changing games after one game and learning as many board games as possible.


The Puzzles is also a two-storey building with high ceilings. But as much as I would like to talk about how the second floor looks like, when we asked if we can occupy the 2nd floor, the cashier said that they had to fill the 1st floor first before they allow its occupancy.

And also the menu written in the blackboard is not their entire menu those are just the “manager’s choice” or their “recommended” and they really have a printed menu.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Beer-battered Chicken fingers with honey mustard dip, Baked Chicken Parmigiana, and Oreo Afraid of the Dark.

Before we started studying for our final exam in Discourse Analysis, we had late lunch first. We ordered Beer-battered Chicken fingers with honey mustard dip (Php370) which are soft chicken breast strips which are cooked tenderly you may eat it by itself or you may dip it to add more tangy taste.

We also ordered Baked Chicken Parmigiana (Php290) because I am a pasta lover and the way I rate a restaurant often depends on this. Yes, the pasta tasted well, but it has the tendency that when it gets a little more exposed to air, the pasta absorbs the oil making it stick together and become dry. But nevertheless, the flavor sat well in the pasta.

For our dessert, we had Oreo Afraid of the Dark (Php150) which is a wicked oreo (oreo inside a pancake) topped with vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. And we actually got two of this because we also answered the feedback in the Booky app, and even though it’s so sweet– of course, who says no to dessert, right?

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Pammy and I

In the Philippines, there are already a lot of restaurants that combined gaming and food. Maybe it’s their way of marketing to male clients or maybe just to put a twist, but usually when they do this it’s either their food will not taste good or the games are limited.

But for Puzzles, they were able to make sure to prioritize the food. All the dishes that we ordered really tasted really well! In fact, the prices are reasonable for their quality.

So there you have it! If you want to visit a quality restaurant with board games available, go to Puzzles! You can find it at Ground Floor, Fort Pointe 2 Building, The Fort Strip, 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Hope to hear your experience!

Bliss: Marcia Adam’s

Marcia Adams has been a go-to place in Tagaytay especially for celebrities because of its ambiance being Instagram-worthy in every angle, and of course, how it’s clandestinely located in Tagaytay.

So when my eldest sister, Ate Marjoe, who lives in Singapore went back to visit the Philippines, the siblings decided to go to Tagaytay. And, it was my elder sister, Ate Judah, who recommended this place because of its popularity among the ~*upper-class*~ netizens of Instagram (if you know what I mean). Hehehe

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

With the cold wind of Tagaytay mixed with the garden picturesque of the restaurant, anyone will definitely be convinced that they are in another country. It was so beautiful that I can’t keep myself from taking a lot of pictures!

However, I have noticed how the leaves and the trees looked like they are clamped together because of how large and numerous they are, thus making the narrow and inclined trails look like a pathway where frogs would suddenly hop or as if there are a lot of mosquitoes waiting to suck your blood.

But I guarantee you all that there were no incidents like that.

It is not your typical restaurant, it’s like a compound composed of bungalow houses with a restaurant interior. As you can see in the pictures above every bungalow has a different ambiance, in fact, there is this even a place that gave that romantic year 1611 vibes! With its dim lights and walls… I don’t know if I’m a sucker for romantic places but if I’d have a date with my ~*oppa wookie*~, we’d definitely have it here.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

However, since I am only dining with my siblings we chose the more open area where an immense amount of natural light comes in as the wind kisses our skin. On top of that, the color of the chairs, glasses, vases are so vibrant, and they have a lot of flowers as well– the interior just complement each other even if there are different colors in the picture. So Instagram-worthy! I want to copy the interior for my own apartment someday!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Plus they also have this view, which gives me that Korean drama, “Descendants of the Sun” feels when they (the real life #SongSong couples) had dinner in Greece.

So now we’re moving to the dishes.

At a glance, the menu might look expensive but if you would order a main course, the appetizer and the dessert are already included so it’s still not bank breaking. Besides, the servings are similar to fine dining restaurants so basically the price range is quite acceptable.

Although honestly, with the hype, the ambiance of the place, and the cuisine that they offered I think their dishes are 3.5/5.

FullSizeRender 2

Hummus with Whole Wheat Tortilla

For our appetizers, first, we had Hummus with Whole Wheat Tortilla which is free if you order a main course.

Since I tasted an authentic Hummus in Singapore last December, I became fond of it that when we once had breakfast in Microtel, in Manila and I saw Hummus, I quickly put one on a saucer and get lots of bread. Unfortunately, upon tasting it I pushed my plate away because I know it’s not the same authentic Hummus that I had.

So when I saw this on the menu, I didn’t think twice but to give it another chance. After all, Marcia Adam’s offers a Mediterranean cuisine so I had high expectation on their Hummus– and yes they didn’t disappoint. The bread was well-baked, it wasn’t chewy, and I was no longer just dipping the bread in the Hummus I was s c o o p i n g it. #NoRegrets


Amalfi Prawns

Another appetizer that we ordered was the Amalfi Prawns (Php225). It wasn’t free with the main course, and for me it was unsatisfying because it was cooked deliciously but the price and the quantity is not enough.

FullSizeRender-6Then for our salad, we had Prawns, Mushroom, and Arugula Salad (Php395). 

Mind you I was never a salad person. Whenever I eat salad I would always squeeze a lot of dressing just so the leaves-eating would be bearable. But for this, there wasn’t a hundred island dressing, just olive oil. So what I did was I only ate the ones on the top because there is a lot of oil and I even wiped the oil on the plate with the leaves.

(Lesson learned: don’t order salad on your first date if you’re not a salad person, don’t even try to pretend to impress hahaha lol)


Corsican Beef Stew

For our main dish, we ordered Corsican Beef Stew (Php855), which is basically like your Kaldereta.


And another main dish, Spanish Chicken Caserole (Php755).


Carbonara Special

Then we also ordered Carbonara Special (Php765) because my family is a pasta lover, in fact, most of the time we judge a restaurant based on their Carbonara. We have already tasted different Carbonara from the budget friendly ones, to the expensive one. This carbonara is of course part of the expensive one, although its taste is so-so.


Carbonara Special (Mussel)

We also tried the Carbonara Special (Mussel). I can’t remember how much this costs, but if I’m not mistaken it’s just the same with the Carbonara Special that was all meat, it’s just that we were offered if we like mussels instead of the meat.

This is not my favorite because I’m used to having Tuna Carbonara (if we are going to use seafood on our carbonara) but never mussels. So when I tasted it, the mussel was overpowering and fyi we are going to travel back to Manila and if I am going to insist on eating this one, I might upset my stomach and you know what will happen next.


Grilled Orange with Vanilla Ice Cream


For the dessert, we ordered Grilled Orange with Vanilla Ice Cream (included in the main course as well), because we were curious about the grilling of the orange. But that’s it. Nothing special, just orange and Ice Cream. I can even do this at home.

FullSizeRender 4

Panna Cotta with Lemon Sauce


Then Panna Cotta with Lemon Sauce which is also included in the main course.

FullSizeRender 3

Fried Banana with Chocolate Dip


And Fried Banana with Chocolate dip, this actually tasted like banana cue and the dip is like Nutella.


Banana Split with Chocolate Ice Cream


Then for the Banana Split with Chocolate Ice Cream, it’s just a Banana, with Chocolate Sauce and a Chocolate Ice Cream.

So there you have it! If you want to visit a Mediterranean restaurant in a private uncrowded place in Tagaytay, go to Marcia Adam’s! You can find it at J. Rizal Street, Baranggay Sicat, Alfonso, Tagaytay City . Hope to hear your experience!