About the Blogger

“Just live boldly. Don’t settle.” (Will Traynor, “Me Before You”)

Hillary Anne, a 20-year-old girl reaching her goals, and acknowledging blessings.

She was born and bred in the bustling city of Manila. She is the youngest in the family, but she is a self-proclaimed independent and matured woman. Growing up she didn’t understand what to do with her life, but she also believes that everything that happened was necessary for her to comprehend certain things that would need beating if her mom taught it.

When she was 9, she started her formal voice training at the Center for Pop Music Philippines. It was a rough road for her; she was often rejected in TV station auditions, but that didn’t stop her from making her dreams congruent to reality. Although she went hiatus because she was busy with her school works she tried to regain her passion for singing when she went to another voice training school, Voice and Music Factory. And last August 3, 2016, she became part of the most sought-after televised singing contest, Tawag ng Tanghalan sa Showtime. Despite not being able to oust the defending champion, she still felt gratified with the experience.

She is currently in her 3rd-year college at the University of Santo Tomas and taking up English Language Studies. As of the moment, she’s just trying her best to juggle her commitments on school works, along with writing non-academic articles, reading young adult novels, watching Kdramas/documentaries, conceptualizing and editing for her YouTube channel, and working out her singing career.

Ambitious might be an understatement when describing her prospects, but she’s currently thinking about being an intern at an international media company based in the Philippines by next year’s school break, and finally going abroad to work (legitly) on an international media company. And then, she will proceed to study Forensic Linguistics, if time and circumstances may allow.

She likes traveling a lot, and spending pennies on beauty and fashion. She likes beautiful cafes, and sharing good stories that she can look back years from now. She likes putting her emotions to words, and she likes creating videos for her YouTube channel. This blog will be her platform for showing the physicality of the scattered thoughts in her head.