Day off: Ooma + Dean & Deluca

Last March 30, 2018, we had a staycation at Acqua Residences. I was in a total day-off mode so I really wanted to spend the most out of it, and since I’m already in Mandaluyong and way nearer to my best friend, Pammy, we decided to meet up and have dinner (even though I am still full I still went because why not spend money ugh).

It was a holy week so the Powerplant Mall was closed and the whole Rockwell center was dimmed. But that didn’t stop us from walking around, looking for the perfect Japanese restaurant to satisfy our cravings for Japanese food.

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We went for Ooma, an authentic Japanese restaurant at 1209, 28 Plaza Dr, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila. I’ve known Ooma for a while now because it was one of the restaurants in BGC that attracted me because of their exterior design. They have unique wooden tables and chairs, outside their restaurant which looked like an outdoor bench with Japanese scrolls used as blinds or dividers. But it was always full that’s why we were not able to try it before.

But now, since it’s a holy week and most people are not in the city. When we visited, we were able to take a seat right away. But the funny thing is, after checking the menu outside and asking some things which implied that we are interested to dine there, the employee asked us, “Ma’am do you want to be seated?” Ay? How sabog can you get?

Upon entering, the scrolls hanging from the ceiling will get your attention right away because of how low it seems. The walls’ design also seems like they are unfinished but it was aesthetically pleasing. The tables and chairs were wooden, which totally complemented the Japanese vibes. There is also the second floor but we were not able to check it anymore– maybe next time?

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Buta Kakuni Katsudon 

Pammy ordered the Buta Kakuni Katsudon (Php299) which comes with a salad. Nothing much special about the Katsudon, except the fact that the egg was just rightly cooked and the meat was tender. Also, there are nori strips on top which didn’t really make any difference.

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Ebi Tempura Maki 

This. This. This. I ordered the Ebi Tempura Maki (Php 245) because I was seriously craving for Makis in the last weeks. And when I tasted this one. Boom. Fireworks. Confetti.

I knew that Ooma was really an authentic Japanese restaurant because even if you bite the half of this Maki it will still be in its perfect shape. It also has Avocado inside which complemented with the sauce, so it was really really good it was a tunnel to my heart. But the Shrimps’ heads were just awkward. I mean, imagine eating something like that on a date, and you had to spit out the head because of your personal preference that it’s kinda strange.

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Dean and Deluca Interior

After getting satisfied with our Japanese dinner, we searched for a place where we can have dessert. After going from Starbucks to Wildflour, we ended up in Dean & Deluca at Ground Floor Edades Tower, Rockwell Center, 18 Amorsolo Dr, Makati, 1209 Kalakhang Maynila. It’s famous for their cakes and their breakfast menu. I also heard about it before because my sister was also a restaurant junky.

Unfortunately, when we came, they were about to close already, the second floor can’t even be occupied anymore.

We settled on the first floor, and elegance is everywhere. The big walls and the wine counter were just so fancy. It’s really such a nice place to do paperwork because it’s too peaceful. But, there are speakers outside where you can hear music but you’ll hardly hear it if you’re inside.

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Salted Dean & Deluca Cake 

We just ordered one cake because the slice was really big, the cakes left were not that interesting anymore, and we are not that hungry for it. It’s like we just wanted to pacify our sweet tooth as well.

The cake we ordered was the Salted Dean & Deluca Cake (Php283.21) which is a moist chocolate cake with caramel bits drizzled on top. It was really mouth watering because I love moist chocolate cakes + anything caramel so this was really a good deal!


This is us in our Tita form. We’d like to also thank Dean & Deluca for giving us boiling water when we only asked for warm water. We appreciated the cleansing of the sweets.

Ooma Restaurant

1209, 28 Plaza Dr, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila.

Dean & Deluca 

Ground Floor Edades Tower, Rockwell Center, 18 Amorsolo Dr, Makati, 1209 Kalakhang Maynila

There you have it. Hope to hear your experience!


Breather: Aqua Private Residences

When 2018 came in, I knew for sure that with all the deadlines to be chased, it will definitely be months of restlessness. Ironic as it seemed, we came to that last few months in which one mistake can disregard all the efforts I made in the last 4 years.

As much I know in myself that I will graduate on time (based on my academic performance) it still stressed me out how in a snap of a finger any unfavorable circumstance can determine my future. Those what-ifs I rewind in my head usually kept me up at night, and I was very vocal about it with my family. That’s why they really made efforts to lessen those stress in any way that they can. Like my mom will send me extra allowance, my Ate Marjoe will order me Pizza/buy me makeups, my Ate Judah will ask me to go out with her to watch movies/eat somewhere, my Kuya Harris would offer a ride, and for my Kuya Harold… this is what he did.

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Aqua Private Residences in the future (Retrieved from

Last March 30, 2018, he rented a condo unit for 2 days and 2 nights in Aqua Private Residences, which is located in Mandaluyong. It is a new multi-towered real estate property, in fact, some part of it is still under construction. It is located near the Tivoli Gardens and it’s just across Rockwell center, separated by Pasig river.

Although he rented the place for 2 days, I only went there on the 2nd day because I still have a work. So on the 2nd day, together with Kuya Harris’ family we went there at around 7AM. Our room was a studio unit at the 41st floor, and it was so funny because I am not used to living in a small house because my family is big, we’re 8 in the family ++ my Kuya Howard’s yaya so it was really hard to move around a studio type unit. Every time a person has to walk from one place to another, they can’t walk at the same time or else they’ll bump into each other, or to something else.

When we arrived and settled our things, we had breakfast, and then we quickly changed to our swimwear and went to the pool because my nephews are too excited for it. #TitaDuties

Swimming Area

Swimming Area

This is the pool, it’s small and there is also a guard who regulates the 2:1 ratio (2 guests per room) which is a total killjoy because we’re too many. But since I am with the kids, it became 6:1 ratio for us. *powwwwwwer*

The water was so cold, it was really freezing cold, I had to soak my whole self hoping to feel less cold. But it was an open area, and we were in the 50th floor, so the wind was mixing with the cold water, my jaws were really shaking.

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Beside the pool, there is a spiral stairway which will lead you to the balcony.

Processed with VSCO with kk1 presetIn the balcony, you will see the great Makati and Mandaluyong skyline, which really made me feel excited because I love progressive city views. There are also foldable beach chairs, where you can relax and feel the cold wind blowing. 

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The pabebe gurl

Of course, before getting into the pool and getting completely soaked, I had to roam around first and take good pictures. duuuh

After swimming, we went back to our room at around 11:30 AM because it’s getting hot and we’re also about to eat our lunch– Sinigang na Bangus! One more thing, the condo unit didn’t have a lot of plates, and kitchen utensils, so we had to eat batch per batch, and it really developed teamwork and camaraderie among us. HAHAHA

After we had lunch, I took a long steamy bath, slept all afternoon, ate pizza, had Adobong Manok for dinner, and bonded with my nephews and my niece, until they went home at night. It was a complete day off because I didn’t meet my laptop for the whole day, and as much as I know that my thesis was still flawed, I just let it all go and didn’t think of it that day.

And I think that’s how you should spend your life every once in a while.

Life can already be too stressful, and as much as you think that you don’t deserve rewarding yourself because of how you view your progress in school or work– don’t be too hard on yourself, you still have to reward yourself and take a break. Being burnt out will just lead you to spend all day looking at your tasks, but not really doing it at all– and I think wasting time is the worst.

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Look at that skyline!!!!!!!

When night came in, they all left and it was just me and my Kuya Harold there. And to completely spend the whole day off, I asked my best friend, Pammy, to go out with me and go to Powerplant Mall.

I went home at around 11:30 PM and then I had my skincare routine. The internet signal wasn’t that good in our room, so when I found the right spot I ended up sleeping at around 1 AM.

The following day, I woke up at around 10 AM and then I went to the gym.

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Gym Area

The gym is not that big, it was clean, and it was obvious that the equipment is new and of high quality. Plus the glass window served a fantastic view of the Makati and Mandaluyong skyline. I almost felt like I am in Singapore because of the numerous tall buildings everywhere. But I think I was too preoccupied with the view, I was not able to run well and I was running sloppier.

But I think it will be a different case once I live there (Oh how I wish). 

If I will go to the gym every day I will become a better runner and I’d have that beach body every day. So let me live there and I will become a better person. *Brb, debates with my mom, jk*

However, I think it could’ve been better if they will open the gym 24 hours because I think the 6AM to 10PM open hours are too limited. Plus, the airconditioning unit was on and at a low temperature so it was really hard to perspire.

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Outside the gym, there is also this “library” which has a very good interior color scheme and patterns, I was totally in love with it. I am really obsessed with study places, study hubs, and study halls, and I think it makes me live in peace and I can do a lot of productive things. So this library was really the ultimate factor that helped me fall in love with the place.

As you can see in the picture there is a table in the side with lots of chairs, and under that, there are a lot of sockets, and there is also a big window which totally receives too much light from the outside. I also like the different orientation of the bookshelves, but I hope that eventually, they will put a lot of books there so that it will look more of a library. The couches were also so comfortable, I almost imagined myself being there every day.

Outside the library, there are also other amenities like a conference area and a study hall. But they were locked so I wasn’t able to take a picture of it.

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At around 2 PM we already checked out, went home, and I was back to reality. As much I know that I am back to the strenuous writing of my thesis, I was doing my thesis happier because I knew I was able to rest and even though it’s just a day it’s enough to not feel like I am slacking on my thesis writing. I am really happy that I spent good memories in Aqua Private Residences, can’t wait to go back.

Acqua Private Residences

Livingstone Tower

1550 Coronado, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila