Annyeonghaseyo, chingu!: Don Day

For the past years, Korean restaurants have been booming in the Philippines. A lot of netizens across social media platforms are in constant search for affordable unlimited Korean restaurants, may it be with a buffet or just the grill. With all the affordable Korean restaurants I’ve seen, I always prefer the ones with the buffet rather than the unlimited samgyupsal only, not only because of the price difference but also because I think I’d grow a whole pig farm in my tummy if that would be the only thing I’ll eat.

Personally, I’ve only felt the Korean-restaurant-craze this 2016 since I once believed that I am not a buffet person because I am a little picky about food. That when there are a lot of choices, I tend to settle on my favorites again and again until I get full and that includes RICE so I’d get full faster so I won’t be able to stack up many plates, thus I’ll think that I am at a disadvantage.

However, with my brother’s training, I realized that I was raised to be a fighter so I can conquer… the grilling & piles of plates! My first Korean buffet restaurant experience was in Sodam, however, it’s too far from our house so I wanted to try Don Day.


It was a usual stressful weekday in school but it was a little lax since we only have a school event at 1 PM, so I pulled my Samgyup Squad for lunch, and we arrived there at around 10:30 AM.

But they are not open until 11 AM. And I didn’t know about it until then. For everyone’s information and for my future reference they are open for lunch from 11 AM to 2:30 PM, then dinner from 5 PM to 10 PM.

We waited at 7 Eleven beside it, touched the alcohol bottles and talk about the hardest liquor they drank, and I’m just there evaluating how boring my life is as I question their preference to drink bitter and weird tasting alcohol drinks. I came to a conclusion that growing up in a patriarchal society like the Philippines, the degree of bitterness of a liquor you can take is related to some form of female masculinity. (I don’t know about you but isn’t it too shallow that masculinity can simply be based on alcohol?)

Almost 10-15 minutes before 11 AM, the servers already let us in. We chose a table near the buffet table, got hyped up and after settling our things we started the food trip.


There are two sides of Don Day, it’s not that it’s different Don Days it’s just that they divided the food into two sides. This is one side of Don Day where it is mostly the dishes and the individual food.

8Here is the other side, where the Bibimbap corner is, the soups, the fruits, the side dishes, the condiments, the liquor, and other food are.

Oh my! Look at the variety of food and you can take those unlimited + Unlimited samgyupsal for only Php499, or unlimited Chadolbaegi for only Php599!


They also offer ice creams but it’s not included in the buffet.


This is how our table looks like. It might look like it’s aesthetically pleasing but don’t get fooled by Photoshop, okay!? It was really chaotic!

The restaurant is really huge, there are a lot of tables and there are a lot of people who dine there. It’s very tidy especially their restroom! And a clean restroom is always a plus point!

The servers were also attentive to the things that you need like refilling water and taking out the used plates in the table– or to help you with the grill because you don’t have the same griller and the switch’s instruction is in Korean/Japanese.


My Samgyup Squad. I appreciated it. Really. I remember threatening them that if they will back out last minute and give me lame excuses it will be the last time that I’ll invite them. (#HillaryDramasAlwaysWin) These people really have wonderful personalities and while we’re eating I didn’t know why my tummy ached so good, is it because of the food or the stories we shared? I can’t remember but it was such a good tummy ache. This will definitely not be the last one.

Don Day, may be one of the underrated Korean Restaurants in Quezon City, but for me, it’s the best Korean buffet restaurant among the 3 I’ve been to. They serve authentic food, their service is good, and the price is enough for the quality of food. Don Day is definitely my go-to Korean buffet restaurant.

So there you have it! If you want to visit a hidden gem unlimited Korean buffet restaurant, go to Don Day! You can find it at Sunshine Boulevard Plaza, Quezon Avenue Corner Scout Santiago Street, South Triangle, Quezon City. Hope to hear your experience!