Taste of Korea: Chicken Up!

On my first day in Singapore, my sister took a leave because she had to attend different hospital appointments. Me, who’s still “jetlagged” from yesterday’s flight (lol, as if Manila-Singapore flight takes more than 16 hours. Lol), kept on pleading for snoozing my alarm that’s why we ended up not having breakfast at all. So for our first meal of the day, we went to Chicken Up.

Chicken Up, most likely is in the same genre with Korean fast food chain like Bon Chon. According to their website, Chicken Up is known for serving best-selling marinated chickens Yangnyum (sweet and tangy flavor) and Ganjang (Soya-based blend). Unfortunately, there is no branch in the Philippines yet, and it can only be found in Singapore and Johor Bahru.

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When we entered we were welcomed by a very accommodating staff, whose name I, unfortunately, forgot to check. He was consistently smiling at us with his eyes really attentive on our needs. He led us to our table and helped us with our orders, especially when we asked about their best sellers (or Manager’s choice), he immediately suggested that we should try their promo of unlimited beers/Soju and Chicken wings! … Let’s not forget that it’s only 1 pm! It’s too early for getting drunk and doing honest hours! 

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As you can see in the interiors, the walls and the floors looked like their undone. But I guarantee you that the floors are smooth enough and you won’t find any cement ashes falling on your food as you eat.

They also have wooden-metal mixed material for the tables and chairs. In fact, I found the chair very heavy when I tried to push myself nearer to the table. On the table, you’ll find an empty pint with a plastic wherein you can put your chicken bones or any rubbish. They also have tissues, wet wipes, and spoons and forks on the side.

As you scan the menu for your order, you will find yourself singing along– or babbling actually– along with the music because they are playing Korean Drama OSTs that are kind of sketchy from which drama it came from.

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Popcorn Chicken (S$20) + Plain Rice (S$2)

My sister ordered Popcorn Chicken (SGD20), which is a boneless chicken that is suitable for people who are too hungry to even pay attention to chicken bones. She ordered it in Soya-base and when they said that they marinated the chicken for more than 12 hours, I agreed to that because the taste of Soya is not only found in the skin but it’s also in the flesh itself! Very worth it!

They also serve a generous amount of rice, which we are both thankful for because this is our first meal and we were really famished!

My sister even said, “I have been eating so much but the chicken seemed to not have lessened.” I agree, guuurl! 

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Ganjang Soya Chicken Wings (S$12) + Plain Rice (S$2)

For me, I ordered Ganjang Soya Chicken Wings (SGD12) and I was surprised with how big the chicken wings were! It’s totally a mother chicken compared to the chicks Bon Chon in the Philippines serves. The rich flavor of Soya can already be found in the skin and even in the flesh.


Topokki with Cheese and Sea Food (S$20)

I was once a kdrama junkie and I have always been fascinated about the taste of the rice cake or Tteokkboki. Even on Facebook, there are a lot of videos about “What to do in Seoul” or “5 things to eat in Seoul,” and Tteokkboki is always part of the list.

Now that I have seen it in on the menu I agreed to order it. Despite being aware that it is spicy– and I’m not a fan of it–, I still agreed. Because why not, it’s 2016, change is coming. lol

The Topokki that we ordered has shrimp, mussels, noodles, cheese and rice cakes. They serve an enormous amount of shrimps and mussels, I mean it. Not only enormous but also fat. The rice cake was also chewy, but it won’t hurt your teeth. However, if you don’t like spicy foods just don’t sip the soup. It’s more bearable.


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Honey Ginger Tea (s$5) AND Honey Ginseng Tea (s$5)


For our beverage, my sister had Honey Ginger Tea. Even if I have always been encouraged to drink ginger to soothe my singing voice, Ginger still holds the smallest place in my heart. #sorrynotsorry So when we ordered my sister insisted that I order this, but I declined. So she ended up ordering it for herself instead, praying that she’ll have my singing voice… Kidding.

I ordered the Honey Ginseng Tea, and as a first timer, I was pleased with how it tasted. Every time I am eating in a restaurant in the Philippines, I always prefer water over everything since the choices are limited to soft drinks, shakes, and ice tea. But since here in Singapore, they always have varieties of teas, I try them. This Honey Ginseng Tea is sweet and it tasted like the Arnibal (sweetening syrup) whenever we eat the “Taho” (Soft Tofu).

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A picture of me and my sister

So there you have it! If you want to visit a restaurant that serves nurtured and 12-hour marinated chicken, Go to Chicken Up! You can find it at 2 Tampines Central 5, #01-44 Century Square, Century Square, 529509. Hope to hear your experience!


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