Solace: Sodam


The examinations week just finished and it is finally our Christmas vacation. And for the past weeks that I have been spending weekends at home doing my thesis, I pledge to myself that once this “mini” thesis paper is done, I’d really be slacking off like a boss! Slacking would include eating out, watching a movie, and even binge-watching Korean Dramas/American Series!

So for the first weekend of solace, my brother and I went to Sodam. He and his friends visited this Korean buffet restaurant long ago, and since then he has been telling me that one day we’ll go here since he knows how big fan of Korean dramas I am. So you know, by means of eating their food I’d also get a taste of my Korean drama fantasy. Oppa~

He also said that this restaurant is serving authentic Korean foods yet it’s cheaper than other Korean buffet restaurants. Imagine, we got an unlimited serving of Korean cuisine for only Php349! (Lunch Mon-Fri- Php319; Dinner & Lunch Mon-Sun & Holidays- Php349)


ctto (Zomato)

Upon arriving, they already gave me 4 layers of meat strips (more like Bacon strips) but since I was still waiting for my brother to arrive, I decided to start cooking. I also noticed that the servers were really alert to the needs of the diners: they always check if the tables still have the meat strips, they take away the plates that are no longer used, and most of all they teach their diners who doesn’t know how to open the grill. *awkward smiley*

I also noticed that they have good ventilation, even though all tables have grills, it didn’t make the place too warm and you can still feel the air conditioning unit. Also, I think the stairs made it felt like it’s the old style Chinese restaurants, you know those that were originally a house turned restaurant, so the ambiance of the restaurant felt like home and not just a mere restaurant.

After a while, my brother came and we went downstairs and started filling up our plates.

I noticed that they have large varieties of Korean dishes, they have meat, sea foods, soup, vegetables, fruits, and other good foods the Lord has given the world. hehe

This is how messy our table was. Honestly, I am not really a fan of a buffet because I tend to be “loyal”, and I get overwhelmed with the diversity of food choices. Most of the time I focus on few dishes and get a lot of it. Which results in making me feel bloated right away, not to mention that I always get judged by my brother because I eat rice in a buffet.

In the foods that they served, I’ve noticed that most of it are sweet, and it was a good decision to have a rice so that it will balance the taste. Also I realized that I won’t starve in Korea because they have dishes that are quite identical to our common foods in the Philippines.

However, I wished they marinated or even gave sauce for the bacon strips because it was bland when I cooked it the way it was. Good thing my brother was a foodie, so he tried seasoning it with the sauces he asked from the servers.

So there you have it! If you want to visit a Korean restaurant that is authentic and cheap. Go to Sodam! You can find it at 17 J. Abad Santos Drive, Little Baguio, San Juan City. Getting a reservation is a must! And check Zomato for any information that you need. Hope to hear your experience!


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