Budget-friendly: Monster Bites



We only have few weeks left before the end of the semester. So whether we like it or not, whenever “we go out” we no longer use it to spend time with each other over chit chats, but instead, we use it to do school works together! In this way, it will help us be more productive yet at the same time de-stress because we have each other’s shoulder to cry on. (If you know what I mean~)

We have been passing along this restaurant for quite a long time since it is just a few streets away from school. And, since then I have been so curious about what foods do they serve, how much it costs, and the quality.

So the trio, Pammy, Krizia, and I, decided to go to Monster Bites for dinner. If ever I have said this already, Pammy dislikes air pollution. She always wears a face mask whenever we cross the street or sometimes she covers her whole face with her hands and tissues, and most of all she dislikes riding the jeepney (for some personal reasons). So eating in an open area as open as this restaurant is already a hindrance for her. But since I heard positive reviews about this place, I really did my best persuading her! And of course, peer pressure, I succeeded.

The place is situated at Dapitan street and there are a lot of jeepneys passing by, and in my opinion being this open is not very well appreciated because it’s making the place warmer and the pollution will force them to scrub the floor every day instead of every other day. And it’s ironic that they have a vaping area, and it’s the one that is air conditioned. Hmmm, that’s weird. 

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Burger Steak (75) and Carbonara (99)

Their menu includes large varieties of foods, including burgers, sandwiches, rice meals, fries, nachos, pasta, milk teas etc. They also have pasta group meals good for 3-4 persons, and those other kinds of group meals. Pammy ordered

Pammy ordered Carbonara Ala Carte (99), and it tasted like Shakey’s Carbonara but more dry. But of course, considering the price, it’s palatable. On the other hand, Krizia ordered

On the other hand, Krizia ordered Burger Steak (75) because she is the “rice for dinner, idc” kind of girl, but unfortunately, we had to ask them to cook it again because the meat was still reddish and it felt like it’s not yet done.

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Ramen (99)

For me, I tried the Ramen (99) because it’s on promo and I was craving for it. Instead of costing around 150-200 pesos, it just cost me 99. And although I have been eating Japanese food for the past days, I can say that this is one of those ramen that I’d go to whenever I want something that’s cheaper. I mean, why not it’s just a few streets away from home! Although they were not able to perfect the egg the way authentic Japanese restaurants do, it’s okay, it’s still an egg and they are a gift from God. It’s also served with a lot of onion leaves, beware!

For our last order, but I wasn’t able to take a picture, was the Nachos Special (65). I didn’t like nachos because I am not a fan of chips at all. But the Nachos they served was good enough, it was not that hard and they were generous with the cheese sauce and the meat. Thank you.

So there you have it! If you want to visit a restaurant that has a budget-friendly price tag. Go to Monster Bites! You can find it atDapitan Corner R. Cristobal Street, Sampaloc, Manila And check Zomato for any information that you need. Hope to hear your experience!


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