Ramen heaven: Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Prior to the start of our “Undas break,” I was already determined that I will use this 1-week break productively to catch up with all the requirements I have to do since I barely have 2 months to save this semester. But, by saving I meant that I have to do requirements, but not necessarily that I have to reach cut offs because I’m below the passing grade, 75, or what we call the “poverty line.” *flips hair*

And I did. I was in fact very productive during the Undas break!

So, to reward myself… Last Sunday (October 30, 2016), I went de-stress with my brother at Greenhills Shopping Center! For what reason? I was just itching to use my exclusive 100-off Uber promo, so I asked my brother if we can go out because I have a promo! Which he agreed to, besides, I also have to bring my brother’s clothes he’ll change into because it was his #errandsday and he just went to Fitness First after, so he’s not really equipped with his things. (He is a gym buff, yes I know that!~)

Before we had dinner, we bought tickets for “Ouija” first. And time check, it was already around 6:50 when we bought the tickets, and the movie will start at 7:30. So after buying the ticket, we quickly went to Hokkaido Ramen Santouka because I was in dire need of a near-authentic ramen, and those instant noodles cannot surfeit this need and only an expensive ramen will do.


Interiors of the restaurant (cto)

Behind its limited space and unwell-lit restaurant, there is a sense of coziness underlying it. It was not dark enough to be blind to what you’re eating, but it’s also not illuminated that will enable me to take blog-worthy photos with my iPhone. But despite these, the ambiance is like you’re in a revolving restaurant because the shape of the restaurant is concave-like. And we are also at the window side, and a seaside view is the only thing lacking if you’re looking for a romantic date venue.

We also tested their service, because we have a 7:30 movie to catch and it’s already 7:05 so we asked them if can they serve our orders right away. (Yes, we only tested their service, because we are pretty sure about ourselves that we can finish the food in 10 minutes. *flips hair*) And they took the challenge and we started receiving our orders at 7:15! Great Job!

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Awase-Aji Ramen (380)

If you will check their menu, they actually have a lot of choices for Ramen. They have the usual Shio, Shoyu, and Miso ramen, and they also have a ramen wherein the soup and the noodles are separated. But since the choices are overwhelming, I just decided to have Awase-Aji Ramen (380)It has salt, soy sauce, and soybean, and I always believed that anything with soy sauce is God’s work of art! Amen.

Aside from the flavor of its soup, pork, and the mushroom, I also like this because it has eggs. These Japanese style cooking of boiled eggs are just magnificent, I like how it’s not so cooked. In fact, I always prefer not well-cooked eggs, that if I’m going to have sunny side up, I can prick the yellow part and the yellow liquid will burst like lavas flowing out of a Volcano. Hmm, yum~

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Salmon Salad (270)

My brother ordered Salmon Salad (270), because he just finished his workout and idk probably subconsciously he’s thinking that he has already started the day right so why not eat Salad to feel more healthy?? lol 

But I tasted it and I am still firm in my belief that all salads should have a lot of sauce or else only a Goat can eat it. The Salmon tasted well and the leafy veggies on it are all delicious. Thanks to the sauce!

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Mixed Seafood Furai (280) and Karaage Pao (140)

One fact about me: I don’t eat Sushi, and I cannot justify that anymore because people might find it annoyingly rude, but that’s my preference. But aside from going to Japanese restaurants for Ramen, Tempura is also one of my favorites. So we ordered Mixed Seafood Furai (280) wherein it’s actually a mix of deep-fried breaded Tempura and Salmon and it’s very delicious especially I had it all to myself because my brother doesn’t like fried shrimps.

We also tried the Karaage Pao (140), which has a small fried chicken with lettuce and some Mayonaise-like sauce with other ingredients, all wrapped in a mantou (Chinese steamed bun/Siopao). I already liked Karaage because there is a restaurant near our University, called Tori Box, that serves powder flavored Karaage pops with rice. So now, I want to taste it in a steamed bun! And it didn’t fail me, it’s delicious.

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My brother and I!

We billed out at around 7:28 and then we ran to the other part because it’s where the cinema is located. I was actually expecting to be sick after because aside from we were eating fastly, we also ran just as after we ate. And to add cherry on top I was having abdominal spasms because I was controlling my shock every time the sound effects and visuals of Ouija would startle the heck out of me. These activities can be pacified by my immune system, but since they all happened consecutively I though my body would give up on me! Glad it didn’t!

A short review of Ouija: It’s a game changer, you might think that you already know the story but not really. It has twists and turns that make it unpredictable, and lighter! Watch it, guys!!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I know you already know what flavors are these!

After the movie, we went to Starbucks. My brother also added more caramel to my Caramel Frappe, because nothing goes wrong with a Caramel Frappe! Remember that! lol But seriously, I don’t know why I was being spoiled so much this day, but I was thankful although I was also subconsciously scolding myself for all the calories I had taken. But it’s free food! … Is my argument valid?

So there you have it! If you want to visit a restaurant that is cozy and serves authentic Japanese foods. Go to Hokkaido Ramen Santouka! You can find it at the Second Floor, Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan City And check Zomato for any information that you need. Hope to hear your experience!


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