Mini-Reunion: Shutter Cafe (Tomas Morato)


Exterior of Shutter Cafe

Ultimate facts about me: I am not an “extended-family-oriented” type of person, I am not close with my relatives and I’m, in fact, awkward around them despite being a self-proclaimed confident person. There are a lot of reasons why, but I think the main reason is that most of my relatives resided in Samar– which would take me almost a day if I travel by land, or fortunes if I travel via airplane. So, it’s very seldom for us to go to our province, and sometimes we just wait for them to go here in Manila.

But of all my cousins, Diona is the one I am close with the most because it is in their house where we are staying every time we are in the province. And vice versa when they’re here in Manila. Besides, we only have 3 years age gap, so we’ve seen each other mature from those lame “just because our elbows touched” or “she’s annoying” or “I’m being demanding” or whatever. But one thing’s for sure, currently, we are more of the “best of friends.” yuck 

If my memory serves me right, it has been 2 years since the last time we saw each other. And I seriously heard so many stories I want to talk to her about. Besides, I have been a senior career ambassador– ohyas— so I feel the need to exercise my skills in understanding her needs as a teenager and at the same time I can imbue her with the wisdom I collated from the last 19 years of my existence. #VeryAte

So after finishing our errands for that day, Diona and I went to Shutter Cafe at Tomas Morato.

Upon entering, you will find a Camera store called Shuttermaster Pro. And for a photography and video editing enthusiast, myself, I felt like I am in heaven. And if I am only given with the will to decide buying camera with my own money, dude I might have impulsively bought one there.

They have cameras, camera accessories, photo studio necessities (I’m sorry I don’t know how to call them, but you know those reflectors, and umbrella-like things you can see in photo studios), and even the printer. Everything is beautiful, but I was not able to check on the prices because I was just looking for a Ring Light– while praying that they would have and it’s cheaper– unfortunately, they don’t have.

But!!! To all photography enthusiasts out there. They will be having a photography lesson on the 15th of October this year, and you can go there. I wasn’t able to check other details so I don’t know what time or if it’s paid. But you can check it out because there is a huge feeling in my heart that it’s free. And we like things free.

At the left side of the Shuttermaster Pro, there is a door going to the Shutter Cafe itself. I don’t know if it’s just because it was a little cloudy outside that’s why I perceived the interior environment as something a little gloomy– positively. The lights are dimmed, and the colors of the walls are a little neutral. Some part has a dirty white color, while on the other part it looked like it’s grayish blue (probably because of the lighting as well). The chairs are cozy, and it’s quite heavy you cannot just drag it because you’ll surely be disturbing other people. They also have different ranges of cameras fixed at the shelves, from the oldest antique model style to a more contemporary. The place is small with almost less than 10 tables, which in my opinion would be the right place if you’re studying.

Unfortunately for us, we are there to just catch up so we are lowering our voices the entire time– God knows how hard it was.


We ordered a Red Sauce Pasta (160) and Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich (165), and they all come together with an Ice Tea. That’s also the main reason why we didn’t try the coffee anymore, or else we’ll be rushing home if you know what I mean. lol 

The White Sauce pasta is also not available, and they also don’t have much variety of cakes which made me disheartened already.

The Red Sauce Pasta has enough serving for a hangry person or 2 persons sharing. It has overwhelmingly generous amount of cheese but when I mixed the sauce it tasted like those sweet spaghettis kiddie parties served. I was expecting for a more salty-Italian style pasta, but I was quite disappointed with it.

The Philly Cheese Streak Sandwich, on the other hand, was  served with an even amount of beef and vegetables. The Beef was tender, and it has Cheese that drips every time you lift the sliced bread. It is also served with Kropek (or what they call the Prawn Crackers), and they just found my spot because I love Kropek so much.

The Ice Tea tasted like a real Ice Tea, I thought it has Alcohol content when I sipped.

So here’s a picture of me and my cousin. She’s leaving for Samar today, and yeah I mean it, I hope she comes back next year with a good news that she’ll be studying here in Manila. I really want to have a confidante even if that means sometimes we’ll annoy the stuff out of each other. — yuck so emotional lol 

So there you have it! If you want to visit a cafe that has good interiors and very placid ambiance. Go to Shutter Cafe! You can find it at 118 Scout Dr. Lazcano Street, Barangay Sacred Heart, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. And check Zomato for any information you need. Hope to hear your experience!


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