Calm before the storm: Coffee Project (Abs-Cbn)

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Exterior of Coffee Project

The first time I saw Coffee Project was when I had my audition for Tawag ng Tanghalan sa Showtime. It is one of those Cafes that will make you feel curious about what is inside it. Due to the fact that it is located at the ground level of Wil Tower, and their windows are tinted, it gave me more anticipation of what kind of beauty in stored in it.

So I decided to check out Zomato and I found out that it has a garden-like theme with all the ornaments festooned on the ceilings, and calligraphed quotations on the wall and mirrors. I was totally amazed when I saw the pictures, but I actually thought that it doesn’t have an air conditioner and it would be like a garden that’s natural air sustained.

But I was wrong.

When we entered, we were welcomed by a regulated temperature. It wasn’t that cold that will make you sleep, nor warm that will make you bellow, it’s just enough and conducive for reviewing, studying or catching up with your friends.

They have divided the place into 4 sections. The first section is the one you’ll see upon entrance, and it is composed of the usual cushion chairs and tables, and a high stool and table facing the windows. The second section is more of a sequestered part and it is at the inner left side of the entrance.

The third section is called the Mezzanine because– of course it is located at the Mezzanine my god– but it’s more of at the hallway. It is composed of couch chairs with mosquito electric trap on the sides that will startle you every time a stupid mosquito gets near or in it. And last but not the least, the fourth section is located inside of the Mezzanine. It has a long table good for 6-8 people, and it’s the most lighted section in the whole cafe.

But swear, anywhere you seat it will all be Instagram-worthy! They really made an effort to conceptualize, and they spent so much time and money in putting all those flowers and calligraphies.

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Sardine Pasta, Penne Carbonara, and Spaghetti Bolognese

The Spaghetti Bolognese (195) tasted like a normal Spaghetti with lots of ground pork/beef in red sauce. I was actually expecting that there would be meatballs like how Sbarro would do it. But, it’s delicious and the serving is huge so it passed my quality control.

For the Penne Carbonara (235), as much as it looked like it’s not supposed to be mixed anymore, you still have to. You’ll find the creaminess of it once you mix it. Believe me. However, I really hope that they would improve using the Penne pasta. I mean, Penne pasta is known for it being a strong independent pasta needing no flavor for its life. lol But you see, it’s a Penne pasta, and as a diner it is our life time wish to taste a Penne pasta according to its flavor– if you know what I mean. Afterall, that is the most expensive Pasta they serve.

Lastly, the Sardine Pasta (210). I have already tasted a Sardines flavorred Pancit Bihon, and when I tasted it I knew in myself that it is a Sardines flavored Pancit Bihon. But for this pasta, I am not really sure if it is just because they are using an imported sardines, and that it didn’t taste like a local sardine. And that is actually a compliment! Despite having that ascerbic taste because it’s my first time tasting a Sardine pasta, since I am a Pasta lover, overall it is still zesty.

For the Drinks, we ordered Sea Caramel Frappe (175), Iced Caramel Macchiato (155), and Green Macha (175).

As I’ve said in my previous post, I always loved Caramel Frappe so once I see it on the menu it is automatically my choice. And thank God, it didn’t disappoint me. In fact, I was taciturn upon sipping is because it is so dulcet it doesn’t need any more words.

For the Iced Caramel Macchiato, it tasted universal. For the Green Macha, I like it too. I like matcha flavored foods that are still sweet and not being so traditional Matcha.

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Krizia, Pammy and I being pretentious

The reason we went here is that we are supposed to study for our preliminary exams together. Well yes of course we served our purpose because our clique is naturally like that.  *fips hair* We don’t believe on other people saying that if you review with your friends then you’ll just end up chatting and not being able to study at all.

But you see, it depends on the person. You can still chitchat, as long as your eyes are reading and your hands are writing. They also have wifi so you can browse your social media accounts, and that is okay as long as your eyes are reading and your other hand is writing. Multi-tasking it is! #VeryTitaReminder

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Yay, just me trying to be a blogger

There you have it, thank you for reading!



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