Food for the mind: Reader’s Cafe (UST)

As everyone knows, I have a huge affection for aesthetic cafes. It’s actually my own petty excuse that “I need to study and I need to be in a cafe.” I mean, I can study at home, I actually have no problem studying at home. But being able to go to cafes, sit there, and contemplate about my life is just calming.

It’s like every time I’m sitting in a cafe, watching people, smelling the aroma of coffee beans, and listening to music I can barely hear, I feel like everything is moving fast track and I’m the only one at a pause– well you know how this looks like in a movie aren’t you? I feel a whole less stressed even though I am supposed to have an enormous amount of stress. Thanks, priorities, and procrastination!

In fact, I listed 37 uniquely designed cafes/restaurants around Manila and Quezon City. And even though, I am not promising to finish them all before 2016 ends, I’m still hoping that I could go to as many as I can.

But for this day, I didn’t cross out any on that list because this is one of the cafes inside the university I am attending. It’s called, Reader’s Cafe. It is situated on the ground floor of the Miguel de Benavides Library.

University of Santo Tomas (UST), actually has several cafes aside from Figaro (the one inside the Clinical Division), Starbucks, Coffee Avenue, and Seattle’s Best that are all at the Carpark. There are also “local” coffee shops that are being run by the CTHM (Tourism) college. These cafes are going to be where some CTHM students are going to have their practicum/On the Job Training (OJT). The “local” coffee shops that I know are the ones at the Library and at the TARC building.

Although I have been once hanging out at the one located at the TARC building, due to the lack of cake options there, I preferred the one at the library or the Reader’s Cafe. Even though they have a “1 hour only stay” policy.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Red Velvet and Mango Mousse

Our top one favorite is the Red Velvet Cake (60) because it’s far better than its price. Red Velvet cakes outside usually costs more than 100 because of the dewy controlled sweetness. But for this, it tastes a little near the quality of those expensive Red Velvet cakes! And it’s only 60 pesos! How beautiful is that!?

The other cake we ordered was the Mango Mousse, and I just liked it because it’s Mango with a Mousse. Do I have to elaborate that more? However, when we tasted it the Mango top coat, didn’t taste like it’s Mango. It’s like a Mango-food-colored gelatin. I’m disappointed.

Guess, it’s always going to be Red Velvet Cake.

Unless, they improve their pastries.


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