Destress: Jelly Citea (Sampaloc)

We are on those days of the month,

wherein we are chasing not pavements,

but deadlines.

Adding more fuel to the fire, sometimes, we tend to be surrounded by people who doesn’t know the urgency between the letters “D E A D L I N E”– which I suppose is the reason why group works tend to be a whole lot stressful than working individually. In other words, it is totally defeating the purpose of “group work.”

Anway, since we are already done with our parts on the group project. Pammy and I, Zomato-ed cafes around UST and we found this cute cafe stationed few streets away from UST.   thumb_img_0574_1024

Jelly Citea is one of those cafes that made an effort in distinguishing itself from other cafes. Using the limited space, they constructed 3 wooden double decks separated by 2 ladders, on its left. Each deck has a small table and 2 cushions that you can sit on, which I super loved because it’s similar to those in the Korean Dramas! #yaykdramaland ♥︎

We took the first upper deck, and honestly, the space felt confined because I’m so close to the ceiling. That, even if I’m just 5’2 I still had to lower my head while kneeling down. That, if I am claustrophobic, I might have problems with it. For the width, it is most likely for 2-3 persons only. But you can have 4 if you’re clingy to each other. lol 

The table that we had was not that cute, unlike the one on upper deck next to us. For us, it was like it’s undone because the plywood was not yet even painted. That’s why despite the good lighting I wasn’t able to make use of the table– as you can see on the following pictures.


Lasagna Rolls

We were not really hungry that time, and Pammy was just supporting my blogging hobby that’s why she accompanied me. Besides, the top reason why we ate here was because of the comfort of interiors of the cafe. We ordered

We ordered Lasagna Rolls (129), Chocolate Moist cake (110), Matcha Milkshake (119), and Wintermelon Milk Tea (75). [*~Prices are to be updated.~*]

Lasagna Rolls is one their specialties. I am not a fan of Lasagna because I tend to feel like it’s too cheesy. But, this will definitely be on my top list. Per plate, it has 2 rolls of Lasagna. It is covered with something that tasted like red sauce (the one on Spaghetti) and a white sauce (the one on Carbonara). And having that combination is just absurdly awesome. The Lasagne (or the Lasagna noodles) tasted like it was delicately done. That once you bite it, it won’t stick to your hard palate and it will just smoothly go down your throat with your lips curved into a smile because this is just so good to be true.


For the Milk Tea, we ordered Wintermelon because that’s what we normally take. It’s the play safe milk tea because it’s not that sweet that would make you want to go home (if you know what I mean) lol. On the other hand literally, is the Matcha Milkshake. Unfortunately, it didn’t taste like it’s Matcha, it tasted like Pandan. It made me sad especially I love Matcha so much.


And the most awaited part… The dessert! This is a Chocolate Moist Cake, and the chocolate filling really served our taste buds right. It was mouthwatering, even though the filling is chocolate, the bread is chocolate, the top coat is chocolate, and there is also a piece of chocolate, it didn’t make us feel like we’re fed up with the sweetness.

This cafe is definitely on the list to come back to.


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