Catching Up: Vites n Spices (Sampaloc)

Vites N’ Spice is located beside Jelly Citea. I remember when we passed by this restaurant we were actually debating whether to go here or to Jelly Citea. But since as I’ve said, we are after the interior of the cafe we decided to go to Jelly Citea and just promised ourselves that we are going to eat here next time. And that next time happened days after. And with an additional member, Krizia! *pop the confetti*

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Carbonara Platter

Our first meal is the Carbonara Platter (120). Pammy, Krizia, and I are seriously in love with Carbonaras! It’s always our choice, whenever it’s between Spaghetti and Carbonara. So since there are only 2 choices for Pasta, this is the one we chose. It’s also advisable that you get a platter because you can save more. The platter is good for 2-3 persons depending on the hunger level. And the single order is at 65 pesos, so now you know that when you do the Math you’ll know how much you saved! You’re welcome! *winks*

As I’ve said we are seriously in love with Carbonaras, so we have tasted already most Carbonaras in this world. And this Carbonara is not that of good quality, it tasted like something out of a packed instant Carbonara, and besides it felt like I tasted it already at the restaurant blocks away from here. But considering the price, on-budget-student standard, and hunger level, it’s okay. The noodles are cooked well, and it’s creamy like a Carbonara, but it’s not just something that would make you forget your name.

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Double N Burger

We ordered Double N Burger (105), and it was so big I was able to divide it into 6 bite sizes. The reason why we ordered it? The color. It’s nice to see black-bunned burgers, isn’t it? It felt exotic and a total game changer. Regarding the taste, it tasted like those normal burgers in a good way. It is with beef, lettuce, onions, and other ingredients that comprise a usual burger. Cannot say more.

It was just the color of the bun that makes it extra special.

Now you understand why you should never be a racist. (lol trying hard to connect this blog post to something relevant lol)

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White forest and Strawberry Oreo Flare

We ordered 3 Frappuccinos. White Forest (70), Oreo Madness (70), and Strawberry Oreo Flare (70). But the Oreo Madness was not able to make it to the picture because it was having its own photo shoot– if you know what I mean.

I ordered White Forest because I believed that it will be sweet enough like Caramel Frappuccino because that’s my favorite. In fact, every time I go to any cafes, if there’s a Caramel Frappuccino, I stop searching and settle for it!–Can someone make me their Caramel Frappuccino–Then, here comes the White Forest, I almost winced when I took a sip. It was so sweet, but since the other foods we’re eating are salty, it’s okay! And besides, I like sweet frappuccinos, so who am I to say no?

For Pammy, she ordered Strawberry Oreo Flare. But for some unknown reason, we were surprised when we saw that it wasn’t color reddish pink like how a Strawberry shake looks like. So she was subtly fuming telling us that it’s impossible for it to be a Strawberry Oreo Flare and it’s a mistake because it has the same color with the Oreo Madness, Krizia ordered. But Pammy being Pammy, we told her to taste it first.– She continued sipping like nothing happened.

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Waffle: Caramel and Oreo Nutella

Lastly, for our “dessert”– as if our frappuccinos are not sweet enough– we ordered Waffles. It was supposed to be 1 flavor for 2 waffles, but since we are the only customer that time. When I asked if it’s possible to have different flavors, they agreed. So that’s my tip to anyone planning to dine here. Ask.

No actually, not only here, but to anywhere you’re planning to eat. Always ask if some things are possible, after all, it’s the good service that they are working on.

Just the trio, sending thanks for reading!


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