Spendthrift Tuesday: Fish & Co + Cinnabon (Trinoma)

September marks the start of “-ber” months and it’s expected that during this time we should be already saving money for Christmas presents. (#titasofmanila)

But you see no greater gift is there than love.

Food is a gift.

Therefore, food is love.

That logic, though!

Okay, enough with that trying-hard-intro! School-wise there are no work overloads yet because our professors are still catching up with their lesson plans as they make up with the suspension of classes. Stress is not (YET) in our vocabulary, so why not just enjoy the lack of schoolwork while it lasts.

So, Bianca, Pammy, and I, decided to have dinner at Trinoma. We wanted to be thrifty and still eat good food, so we looked for those “good for 3-4 persons” promo of Pasta and Ramen. Since those are our agreed-upon choices. But of course, despite those being our top choices, we still have to consider the price because– hello?? Students?? No work yet??

We checked menus of most likely 5-10 different restaurants appeasing our standards of good price and good food. We even checked that Ramen-restaurant-that-I-forgot-the-name, and it really looked like it’s expensive. We asked if they have good for 3 promos, and she said yes! Of course, since Ramen was in our choices, we were happy about it. But when she laid down the menu and it was Php1600 for 3 persons!!! ohmygoodnessgracious. We didn’t have to do Math to decline the offer. We immediately left, because we’ll not be able to go home! Not because we’ll be too full of GMOs (or Sodium) but because we will have no money for our transportation anymore and we will have to walk from Trinoma!

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Fish & Co (Trinoma)

After the long search, we settled at Fish & Co. Just like love, we tend to bargain and check all the available choices before settling down, because we always believe that we only accept the kind of love we think we deserve. (char, that’s from John Green) 

Probably because we also went from Php1600 that’s why when we saw that this is only Php995, we already took the offer. I don’t know if Psychology has something to do with that, but I think we are also running out of time since it’s already 7pm when we arrived.

The moment we entered the restaurant we immediately find myself nodding pleasingly with the ambiance of the restaurant. I noticed the 3D fishes hanging on the walls and the sea-like vibrant background of it. The color of the chairs and tables also blend well with the palette of the color scheme. As for the ventilation, it’s just a so-so, it’s not warm nor cold. However, if you find yourself warm you can always ask the servers to aim the fans at you. It’s okay, they are really accommodating!

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Fish and Peri Chicken

We ordered the Fish and Peri Chicken platter that is good for 3 persons. It has a fish fillet that is in a little bit of Tempura-like shape and I must say that this is one of those fish fillets that I will always go back to! This is a real Fish fillet and not just a “fillet with a fish.” The fish inside it is really stout and it tastes so well with the sauce that they have provided. (Make sure to ask the server to give you one each, and you can also ask for a refill.)

The chicken, on the other hand, is just like your usual Peri-Peri chicken that tastes something like of ginger and it also has rosemaries. And do I have to stress out the fried rice with calamari and raisin? All fried rice are created equally delicious and satisfying! If you like all kind of friend rice, you’re the one for me! ♥

After we had dinner, we went out and looked for something sweet and chewy. We took our time walking through the mall’s concourse– since we are also trying to have some space in our happy tummies.

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Time is already bordering near the mall’s closing hour, so when we heard one of the Cinnabon‘s servers saying they are already on “Buy 1, take 1,” we didn’t miss the chance! After all, we are the kind of women who are always fascinated by this 4 letter word say it and I’m yours… “S A L E.”

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Cinnabon Rolls!

Normally, getting a box of 9 cinnamon rolls and 4 chocolate cinnamon rolls will cost you 500-1500 pesos. But always remember the mantra “Patience is a virtue.” Since we went there almost near the mall’s closing time, and as we all know Cinnabon are known for selling freshly-baked goodies, instead of spoiling these in the trash bin, they actually went for almost 50% off. So we got these all for like somewhere below 500 only!!!

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Take away with 2 cinnamon rolls and 1 chocolate cinnamon rolls

Not only we were able to eat there, but we were also able to have a take home for our loved ones!


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