Villa Prescilla Resort (Novaliches)

I have blest my first weekend of “Ber” months with an overnight at Villa Prescilla Resort. Is this a premonition of how I am going to spend most of my ber-months-weekends? Hope not, or else my mother will chop my legs for being so lakwatsera (like Dora the Explorer). lol

Last September 3, Reina (a highschool closest friend), invited me to her debut at the Villa Prescilla Resort in Novaliches. It wasn’t really part of the plan to stay overnight, but since I don’t want to go home at dawn (since it’s not safe), my mom allowed me to stay overnight. Besides, she knows Reina. (#1 proven and tested trick for your parents to allow you stay overnight, let them know your friends.)

I’m already aware of this kind of resort that you can find somewhere near Manila that has an event place, swimming pool, and amenities that people will really enjoy! And it’s really advisable for big family reunions! Villa Prescilla resort is located on a decent subdivision of Forest Hills in Novaliches. It’s not also difficult to find because Waze knows where it is.

For the event place, it is not an air-conditioned function hall but it has high ceilings and electric fans that sprinkle mists. It also has huge columns and beams so the air from the outside goes in the function hall. The space is also big enough for 8-10 tables. So it’s not really that warm.

For the swimming pool, they have 2 pools: 1 for the kids, 1 for the adults. I wasn’t able to go swimming because they swam after the party and that’s like after midnight. And, I don’t want to be cold and have colds. lol But as I have observed the adult pool was deep in the middle.

For the bedroom, the one we stayed at has 2 single beds and it also has bathroom inside. The beds are cozy enough, the aircon is working well, the TV has good reception, but the bathroom’s shower is not working well. I think it would’ve been better to take a bath at the swimming pool than to wait for the light rain showers.

Downstairs, there is a room with living room, kitchen, dining, and another bedroom. There, they have a karaoke and the sound system passed the quality control. Although the remote was not working so we cannot reserve songs and we have to wait for the song to end before we encode the numbers for the song we want to sing next. The other mic is not also working.

Okay, so the party started at around 7pm. Merry and I, went to the photo booth first. Update: I lost the hard copy. As far as I remember I inserted it in one of the pages of my ring-bound-readings but I cannot find it anymore! 😦 But life must go on, same with this post so I cannot break down now and cry. I have to continue writing.

The party started with a prayer, the debutante’s entrance, and then dinner! The catering was terrific! I’ve read on the website of Villa Prescilla Resort that they have catering service, although I am not sure if my friend got the catering service from them. But, if ever we’ll be going to a family reunion at Villa Prescilla Resort I swear that is the catering service that I will really get!

Before the 18 candles started and our tears add to the depth of the swimming pool. I was once again asked to sing, and I ended up singing my Tawag ng Tanghalan piece which is Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain.” And I must say that it is really difficult to sing when your stomach is full! Cannot even breathe properly.

The program proper ended after the 18 candles, and she didn’t have all the 18’s so it didn’t really take too much time. She only had 18 roses, 18 candles, and blew her candles. Then, rave!! But despite finishing at around 11-12 midnight, I still went to sleep at 3am! #TonightWithMerryVitug. Love you too Merry! Thank you for keeping up with my kaartehans and whims.

Reina being Reina

This is Reina. Reina Nakamura. Or sometimes we call her Queen Savemore. (I supposed you understand how it happened. lol) I met her when I was 3rd-year high school, and she’s also an August baby. When I first met her I thought she has a dual personality, because she acts so opinionated in class but very frantic when she’s with her friends. But later on, I realized that it was just her. Her true self. She can be competitive yet lie low with her friends. There’s nothing wrong with that because that’s her. Years from now, I hope we’ll still be in touch with each other because she inspires me to be more independent and smart with my choices. I love this girl. ughh

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

But of course, despite the fact that I am at an overnight/party. I still have to #prioritize. So, I brought my readings with me– a shortened version of Iliad for my Literature class.

Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

So yeah, here’s me kissing you thanks for reading my mini adventure!

For more inquiries about Villa Prescilla Resort head into their websites!


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