#FoodieFriday: Zark’s + St. Marc Cafe (SM North)

It has been our “tradition” to always look for restaurants we haven’t eaten at. Not only because of the mere fact that it’s our first time eating the food, duh but because we wanted a common idea to be imprinted in our memories: that we ate in this restaurant together for the first time. And first (love) never dies. So we like that idea. Ok.

So, since our classes are only up to 3pm and I had to buy a dress for September 3 debut. We, the trio (Pammy, Krizia and I) decided to go to SM North EDSA.

I already wanted this dress before so it didn’t really take time going back and forth the whole department store in search of this summer-pool-party themed dress. After taking my size, I checked it, and then I paid it right away.

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Zark’s Burger: Black Mamba and Zark’s Ultimate Burger

For our 1st stop today: Zark’s Burger! This restaurant is famous for their multi-layered patties with those oil dripping every time you are cutting the whole burger to bite-size. Aside from that, they are also among the restaurants marketing their products to students since they usually brood near universities. As far as I remember they already have a branch near UST, particularly in España, and even at SM San Lazaro, but for some unknown reason, we reached SM North just to taste this for the first time!

As a first timer, when looking at the menu we tend to be reliant on the symbols such as an asterisk, or logos beside the name of the food because why not?? We trust the manager’s choice! We also chose the ones on the minor league because even if we are 3, it’s really just 2 persons eating well. And I will not uncover who’s that person but definitely, she is the kind of person who’s a favorite of buffet restaurants. She will pay the same price, and nothing much will be taken from the chafing dish. lol

We ordered Black Mamba (Php140) and Zark’s Ultimate Burger (Php150). The Zark’s Ultimate Burger is their signature and typical burger. It has patty, cheese, onions, bacon, and the usual ingredients containing a burger. But for Black Mamba, it is just like Zark’s Ultimate Burger but with a special barbeque-like sauce to add to it. Though, I was quite disappointed because I thought the Black Mamba was like the Black-bunned burgers you can find on the internet. (sad lyf)

The servings are just enough for us, it’s not that heavy nor light. Also, since we are 3, I divided each burger to 6 so that we can have 2 each per burger. And it’s bite-size and it’s enough for a snack. It also goes along with fries, although I would appreciate it if there would be more condiments other than ketchup and mustard. There is always that tangy aftertaste every time I mixed the ketchup and mustard for fries, and it’s making me cringe! yikes

PS. There’s no service charge!

St. Marc Cafe: Chococro

For dessert, Pammy treated us to St. Marc Cafe. We were intending to stay and read few chapters of Iliad for our next week’s Literature class. But I had to go home because of some adulting priorities *shrugs* so I was only able to stay for like 30 minutes. Honestly, I was a little unhappy leaving because we found a very nice spot! The environment is so conducive to learn, imagine we had the couch on the corner-most area and the lightings are so good. It’s almost a miracle to be able to find that hidden gem. But, of course, zZz priorities zZz

She ordered Chococro (Php55) which is like a croissant with a chocolate filling. It is also topped with nuts and I swear you cannot eat this with your crush. Either you’ll have chocolate on your lips, or you will have those messy small layers of croissant on your top and your whole clothe.

Unless you want your crush to wipe that chocolate with his lips, then go ahead. (JUST KIDDING MY SENSE OF HUMOR CANNOT BE FOUND LOL)

So, there you have it! Until the next #FoodieDay!


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