Spendthrift Tuesday: Fish & Co + Cinnabon (Trinoma)

September marks the start of “-ber” months and it’s expected that during this time we should be already saving money for Christmas presents. (#titasofmanila)

But you see no greater gift is there than love.

Food is a gift.

Therefore, food is love.

That logic, though!

Okay, enough with that trying-hard-intro! School-wise there are no work overloads yet because our professors are still catching up with their lesson plans as they make up with the suspension of classes. Stress is not (YET) in our vocabulary, so why not just enjoy the lack of schoolwork while it lasts.

So, Bianca, Pammy, and I, decided to have dinner at Trinoma. We wanted to be thrifty and still eat good food, so we looked for those “good for 3-4 persons” promo of Pasta and Ramen. Since those are our agreed-upon choices. But of course, despite those being our top choices, we still have to consider the price because– hello?? Students?? No work yet??

We checked menus of most likely 5-10 different restaurants appeasing our standards of good price and good food. We even checked that Ramen-restaurant-that-I-forgot-the-name, and it really looked like it’s expensive. We asked if they have good for 3 promos, and she said yes! Of course, since Ramen was in our choices, we were happy about it. But when she laid down the menu and it was Php1600 for 3 persons!!! ohmygoodnessgracious. We didn’t have to do Math to decline the offer. We immediately left, because we’ll not be able to go home! Not because we’ll be too full of GMOs (or Sodium) but because we will have no money for our transportation anymore and we will have to walk from Trinoma!

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Fish & Co (Trinoma)

After the long search, we settled at Fish & Co. Just like love, we tend to bargain and check all the available choices before settling down, because we always believe that we only accept the kind of love we think we deserve. (char, that’s from John Green) 

Probably because we also went from Php1600 that’s why when we saw that this is only Php995, we already took the offer. I don’t know if Psychology has something to do with that, but I think we are also running out of time since it’s already 7pm when we arrived.

The moment we entered the restaurant we immediately find myself nodding pleasingly with the ambiance of the restaurant. I noticed the 3D fishes hanging on the walls and the sea-like vibrant background of it. The color of the chairs and tables also blend well with the palette of the color scheme. As for the ventilation, it’s just a so-so, it’s not warm nor cold. However, if you find yourself warm you can always ask the servers to aim the fans at you. It’s okay, they are really accommodating!

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Fish and Peri Chicken

We ordered the Fish and Peri Chicken platter that is good for 3 persons. It has a fish fillet that is in a little bit of Tempura-like shape and I must say that this is one of those fish fillets that I will always go back to! This is a real Fish fillet and not just a “fillet with a fish.” The fish inside it is really stout and it tastes so well with the sauce that they have provided. (Make sure to ask the server to give you one each, and you can also ask for a refill.)

The chicken, on the other hand, is just like your usual Peri-Peri chicken that tastes something like of ginger and it also has rosemaries. And do I have to stress out the fried rice with calamari and raisin? All fried rice are created equally delicious and satisfying! If you like all kind of friend rice, you’re the one for me! ♥

After we had dinner, we went out and looked for something sweet and chewy. We took our time walking through the mall’s concourse– since we are also trying to have some space in our happy tummies.

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Time is already bordering near the mall’s closing hour, so when we heard one of the Cinnabon‘s servers saying they are already on “Buy 1, take 1,” we didn’t miss the chance! After all, we are the kind of women who are always fascinated by this 4 letter word say it and I’m yours… “S A L E.”

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Cinnabon Rolls!

Normally, getting a box of 9 cinnamon rolls and 4 chocolate cinnamon rolls will cost you 500-1500 pesos. But always remember the mantra “Patience is a virtue.” Since we went there almost near the mall’s closing time, and as we all know Cinnabon are known for selling freshly-baked goodies, instead of spoiling these in the trash bin, they actually went for almost 50% off. So we got these all for like somewhere below 500 only!!!

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Take away with 2 cinnamon rolls and 1 chocolate cinnamon rolls

Not only we were able to eat there, but we were also able to have a take home for our loved ones!


Villa Prescilla Resort (Novaliches)

I have blest my first weekend of “Ber” months with an overnight at Villa Prescilla Resort. Is this a premonition of how I am going to spend most of my ber-months-weekends? Hope not, or else my mother will chop my legs for being so lakwatsera (like Dora the Explorer). lol

Last September 3, Reina (a highschool closest friend), invited me to her debut at the Villa Prescilla Resort in Novaliches. It wasn’t really part of the plan to stay overnight, but since I don’t want to go home at dawn (since it’s not safe), my mom allowed me to stay overnight. Besides, she knows Reina. (#1 proven and tested trick for your parents to allow you stay overnight, let them know your friends.)

I’m already aware of this kind of resort that you can find somewhere near Manila that has an event place, swimming pool, and amenities that people will really enjoy! And it’s really advisable for big family reunions! Villa Prescilla resort is located on a decent subdivision of Forest Hills in Novaliches. It’s not also difficult to find because Waze knows where it is.

For the event place, it is not an air-conditioned function hall but it has high ceilings and electric fans that sprinkle mists. It also has huge columns and beams so the air from the outside goes in the function hall. The space is also big enough for 8-10 tables. So it’s not really that warm.

For the swimming pool, they have 2 pools: 1 for the kids, 1 for the adults. I wasn’t able to go swimming because they swam after the party and that’s like after midnight. And, I don’t want to be cold and have colds. lol But as I have observed the adult pool was deep in the middle.

For the bedroom, the one we stayed at has 2 single beds and it also has bathroom inside. The beds are cozy enough, the aircon is working well, the TV has good reception, but the bathroom’s shower is not working well. I think it would’ve been better to take a bath at the swimming pool than to wait for the light rain showers.

Downstairs, there is a room with living room, kitchen, dining, and another bedroom. There, they have a karaoke and the sound system passed the quality control. Although the remote was not working so we cannot reserve songs and we have to wait for the song to end before we encode the numbers for the song we want to sing next. The other mic is not also working.

Okay, so the party started at around 7pm. Merry and I, went to the photo booth first. Update: I lost the hard copy. As far as I remember I inserted it in one of the pages of my ring-bound-readings but I cannot find it anymore! 😦 But life must go on, same with this post so I cannot break down now and cry. I have to continue writing.

The party started with a prayer, the debutante’s entrance, and then dinner! The catering was terrific! I’ve read on the website of Villa Prescilla Resort that they have catering service, although I am not sure if my friend got the catering service from them. But, if ever we’ll be going to a family reunion at Villa Prescilla Resort I swear that is the catering service that I will really get!

Before the 18 candles started and our tears add to the depth of the swimming pool. I was once again asked to sing, and I ended up singing my Tawag ng Tanghalan piece which is Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain.” And I must say that it is really difficult to sing when your stomach is full! Cannot even breathe properly.

The program proper ended after the 18 candles, and she didn’t have all the 18’s so it didn’t really take too much time. She only had 18 roses, 18 candles, and blew her candles. Then, rave!! But despite finishing at around 11-12 midnight, I still went to sleep at 3am! #TonightWithMerryVitug. Love you too Merry! Thank you for keeping up with my kaartehans and whims.

Reina being Reina

This is Reina. Reina Nakamura. Or sometimes we call her Queen Savemore. (I supposed you understand how it happened. lol) I met her when I was 3rd-year high school, and she’s also an August baby. When I first met her I thought she has a dual personality, because she acts so opinionated in class but very frantic when she’s with her friends. But later on, I realized that it was just her. Her true self. She can be competitive yet lie low with her friends. There’s nothing wrong with that because that’s her. Years from now, I hope we’ll still be in touch with each other because she inspires me to be more independent and smart with my choices. I love this girl. ughh

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But of course, despite the fact that I am at an overnight/party. I still have to #prioritize. So, I brought my readings with me– a shortened version of Iliad for my Literature class.

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So yeah, here’s me kissing you thanks for reading my mini adventure!

For more inquiries about Villa Prescilla Resort head into their websites!



5 things I’ve learned on a hosting workshop

Whenever I think about “hosting/emceeing,” I’ve always believed that the core characteristic that I have to master is spontaneity. You know, given situations when the director will say “stretch,” I want to be able to confidently say things in front of the audience just to make things entertaining and to prevent dead air. But, being who I am, I feel like I am not witty enough to be a *~public speaker.~* Not confident enough. Not just enough for any-thang!

But on the other hand, I am also wondering why do I have stage fright when hosting, while I feel nothing when singing? After all, it’s similar, I am going to be in front of a lot of people, and will be judged by all of them! So, how come??

Last August 28, Voice and Music Factory (where I am voice training) organized a Hosting Seminar/Workshop. There were 2 speakers, Mr. Lou Gepuela, and Mr. Cannon Lee & Ms. Triz Garcia. They are from Rappler, and My Light Radio, respectively.

So, there let me share with you all the things that I have learned!

1. Take all the available workshops.

Workshops like this. Paid or free, as long as the speakers are those who have great experiences. In school, they teach you grammar so that when you speak you won’t be laughed at because of your subject-verb disagreement. Whereas, in workshops, they tell you how they coped up when they experienced being laughed at. (I know, I know my analogy was the best! *wink*)

I think it is an edge attending workshops because they give you a blueprint of how it is in certain situations. Nonetheless, they also give you an overview of how real the real world is. That’s why, I promise to make it a point that whenever there is a seminar/workshop in the university, I will never let my laziness take over and I will really listen because this is really what I signed up for– legit lessons from experience.

2. Make use of the proper hashtags. #BeInformed


Before I met Mr. Lou Gepuela, I’ve always believed that #hashtags are only of minimal importance. I’ve always assumed that it is only as something that will help celebrities validate their existence because they trend. But, Mr. Gepuela told us that during emergencies the hashtags will be of help for the agencies to know where to help, what to do, and when to help.

He said that for example, during the ravage of a typhoon you tweet “Break na kami ng boyfriend ko #RescuePH,” your tweet (because of the hashtag) will appear on their big screen and all the people from the agency supervising will feel “emphatic” on your lost. No, but real talk, that didn’t solve any problem it just made them feel annoyed at you.

Also, when rightfully tweeting with these hashtags please put on your location so that the agency will also find out where you are and they can immediately respond to your need.

Additional: Download the application Fire Chat because when the cell sites are taken down by natural calamity, Fire chat will save you from the despair of not being able to call your family.

3. Always be mindful of your non-verbal languages.

Your non-verbal languages matter more than your verbal languages, as I’ve learned from Mr. Cannon Lee & Ms. Triz Garcia. Always remember, that when you slouch you are making everyone think that they can pick on you because you’re not confident. When you put your hands on your crotch, it means you’re in discomfort and you’re defensive. While, when you’re on the beauty-pageant pose–your hands on your hips– then you’ll not only look confident but also feel confidently beautiful with a heart!

But despite the non-verbal languages being of a primary importance, you also have to think about your verbal languages. Your non-verbal languages might be an assumption of how you feel but your verbal language can validate their assumption. You should always put into a consideration your tone and the choice of words.

4. “There is no second chance, in the first impression.”

Whenever hosting an event always think that the people watching you right now will no longer be there on your next gig, same with the people on your last gig will not be on your gig right now. You have to treat your audience now, as someone you first met. And think about what do you want these people to think of you? Of course, it’s supposed to be something positive.

That’s why you have to be prepared with your script, you should dress well, and you should always leave the mark that you want them to remember you for.

And for me that is; I want that on the next time I host an event I want to be labeled as someone who dresses smartly and speaks like radio jockey. (Don’t worry, I’m working on it!)

5. Think of a concept of yourself, brand yourself.

This is the most important part, you have to add value and take care of yourself. This is not about being selfish and being too narcissistic. By taking care of yourself it means you have to develop yourself and reach your full potential.You have to have a concept of who you are, you have to brand yourself with something that is unique and reputable.

And what is that something that you have to reach the full potential? Simple, think about the things that keep you up at night. That is your passion. Then, you nurture these passions. That is how you add value and take care of yourself.

For me, despite not having a concept of myself right now, at least I know that my passions are– writing, reading, and editing videos. They keep me up at night most of the time!

Whenever you feel like your dream is not big enough or not crazy enough. Ask yourself:

If the sky is the limit, why did NASA had footprints on the moon?

#FoodieFriday: Zark’s + St. Marc Cafe (SM North)

It has been our “tradition” to always look for restaurants we haven’t eaten at. Not only because of the mere fact that it’s our first time eating the food, duh but because we wanted a common idea to be imprinted in our memories: that we ate in this restaurant together for the first time. And first (love) never dies. So we like that idea. Ok.

So, since our classes are only up to 3pm and I had to buy a dress for September 3 debut. We, the trio (Pammy, Krizia and I) decided to go to SM North EDSA.

I already wanted this dress before so it didn’t really take time going back and forth the whole department store in search of this summer-pool-party themed dress. After taking my size, I checked it, and then I paid it right away.

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Zark’s Burger: Black Mamba and Zark’s Ultimate Burger

For our 1st stop today: Zark’s Burger! This restaurant is famous for their multi-layered patties with those oil dripping every time you are cutting the whole burger to bite-size. Aside from that, they are also among the restaurants marketing their products to students since they usually brood near universities. As far as I remember they already have a branch near UST, particularly in España, and even at SM San Lazaro, but for some unknown reason, we reached SM North just to taste this for the first time!

As a first timer, when looking at the menu we tend to be reliant on the symbols such as an asterisk, or logos beside the name of the food because why not?? We trust the manager’s choice! We also chose the ones on the minor league because even if we are 3, it’s really just 2 persons eating well. And I will not uncover who’s that person but definitely, she is the kind of person who’s a favorite of buffet restaurants. She will pay the same price, and nothing much will be taken from the chafing dish. lol

We ordered Black Mamba (Php140) and Zark’s Ultimate Burger (Php150). The Zark’s Ultimate Burger is their signature and typical burger. It has patty, cheese, onions, bacon, and the usual ingredients containing a burger. But for Black Mamba, it is just like Zark’s Ultimate Burger but with a special barbeque-like sauce to add to it. Though, I was quite disappointed because I thought the Black Mamba was like the Black-bunned burgers you can find on the internet. (sad lyf)

The servings are just enough for us, it’s not that heavy nor light. Also, since we are 3, I divided each burger to 6 so that we can have 2 each per burger. And it’s bite-size and it’s enough for a snack. It also goes along with fries, although I would appreciate it if there would be more condiments other than ketchup and mustard. There is always that tangy aftertaste every time I mixed the ketchup and mustard for fries, and it’s making me cringe! yikes

PS. There’s no service charge!

St. Marc Cafe: Chococro

For dessert, Pammy treated us to St. Marc Cafe. We were intending to stay and read few chapters of Iliad for our next week’s Literature class. But I had to go home because of some adulting priorities *shrugs* so I was only able to stay for like 30 minutes. Honestly, I was a little unhappy leaving because we found a very nice spot! The environment is so conducive to learn, imagine we had the couch on the corner-most area and the lightings are so good. It’s almost a miracle to be able to find that hidden gem. But, of course, zZz priorities zZz

She ordered Chococro (Php55) which is like a croissant with a chocolate filling. It is also topped with nuts and I swear you cannot eat this with your crush. Either you’ll have chocolate on your lips, or you will have those messy small layers of croissant on your top and your whole clothe.

Unless you want your crush to wipe that chocolate with his lips, then go ahead. (JUST KIDDING MY SENSE OF HUMOR CANNOT BE FOUND LOL)

So, there you have it! Until the next #FoodieDay!

Evening/Date Makeup (Full Makeup!)

I will be attending a debut this coming weekend, so I wanted to practice the makeup look that I would have. Then, surprisingly, I arrived at a conclusion…–

First of all, you’re welcome.

— that eyeliner can save you in almost all situations! Thus, this is the trick that beginners had to learn. (Click to watch the video.)

Without further ado, let’s head in and get started!


After moisturizing my skin, I applied Maybelline’s Baby Skin (Php299) Face Primer. As you know, putting a face primer helps hold the makeup together and especially for this primer, it erased the obvious open pores you have. this is gold!


Then, I applied Revlon Photoready Foundation on the shade of Golden Beige. I cannot find a good picture of the Golden Beige so I just used this photo, but once again the shade that I used was Golden Beige. Regarding its price, this was only given to me by my sister so I don’t have any idea how much this costs. Besides, I think it’s phase out already and it was the Photoready Airbrush Effect that replaced it. But once again, that was only my hunch. *winks*


For concealing unwanted blemishes, impurities, and uneven skin tone. I used this BYS Concealer in Light, which is 2 shades lighter than my skin tone. Fyi, that’s how you choose your concealer okay? Hahaha.


And then, I set the foundation and concealer using this Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder.

And then, I filled in my eyebrows with this #02 Etude Drawing Pencil. If you would ask me, I would really recommend this product because aside from it does its work well, it is already angled so it’s easier to use.

Daiso Ellefar Glitter Eyeshadow E Coral 02

(Based on the picture, let’s just number them 1-5. 1 is the white, and then 5 is the Violet-y/Chocolate-y color)

For the Eyes, I used this Glitter Eyeshadow Ellefar Color Makeup Series that I got from Daiso months ago. As I’ve said in the video, this is a complete game changer! These glittery eye shadows or eye colors are not trendy at the moment because it’s the neutral colors that are. But as I’ve said, this is a GAME CHANGER. So I used this product.

I placed #5 Violet/Chocolate color on my outer v and extended it to my crease. Then I placed #4 Gold color on the middle part of my lid. Then, I combined #2, a peach/orange color, and #3, a pink color, and placed them on the inner corner. Then, I placed #1 White to highlight my brow bone.

Don’t forget to blend them so that it won’t be too glittery!

And then, the trick that will save you from all situations: *drumrolls* The eyeliner!

I decided to make a winged eyeliner, and one thing that I learned is that if you’re not good with eyeliners, try to manipulate it with the brush you’re going to put it on with.bys-smudgeproof-waterproof-eyeliner-1

So what I did was, I used the BYS Smudge-free eyeliner on the winged part of my eyeliner, BUT! I didn’t use the brush that it has, and instead, I used the one from my finished tube of Maybelline Eyeliner because it has a thinner brush. Good thing, I wasn’t able to dispose of it yet that’s why I interchanged the brushes for both eyeliners. And fortunately, it really worked on giving that defined line that I wanted. (Although, if you’re planning to buy a liquid eyeliner, I would really recommend Maybelline instead.)


And then above my upper lash line, I used the Miniso Gel Eyeliner because it’s gel and it’s controllable. I also didn’t use the brush that it goes along with, and instead I used the brush that is– according to a lot of Google pages– a line brush.


And then, I curled my eyelashes and glued falsies on my upper lash line making sure it’s closest to the real lashes. And then, I applied this Miniso Mascara on the lower lash line so that it will look thicker and it will not make my upper lashes look ((too fake)).


And then, I contoured and highlighted some of the areas of my face with my Happy Skin Contour Kit.


Then, I brushed some Blushing Pink Nichido Blush on my cheeks.


For my lips, I used Michelle Phan’s Em Creamy Color Classic lipstick on the shade of Daredevil. And can I just say that I really like the coverage of this lipstick?? It’s pigmented and the color is just so beautiful! It’s like a violet-y chocolate-y (my favorite word for this blog post lol) color, and it really made my teeth look whiter. Lol. When Colgate fails you, Em is here for you. 


And for the “gradient” effect, I used Colourpop on the shade of Midi and applied it on the middle part of my lips. This shade is something that I believe I cannot really wear on its own, it’s too pinkish and not suitable for my skin. But since it’s another “donation” from my sister, who I am to leave it behind right?

So, one thing about lipsticks if you cannot wear it by itself, mix it with another color. It will not only save you from buying another lipstick, but it will nurture the creativity in you and it will help you have your “own lipstick color.”

Don’t forget to spray some finishing spray that will extra-hold your makeup!

Finished product:


There you have it, folks! Thank you for watching my tutorial and reading this blog!

Have a nice weekend everyone! Stay organized and be kind!

[PS. All the products’ photos are not mine.]