Delicacy in the city: Brooklyn’s (Tomas Morato)


As a student exposed to the social media platforms, it has been our own little fetish to look for cafes or restaurants, that has a very unique interior but still have a wallet-friendly price tag. It delights our aesthetics whenever the café or restaurant was able to showcase a bizarre atmosphere totally detached from the standard two portable plastic tables and four monoblocks.

Due to the popularity of Instagram-worthy cafés or restaurants, may it be a café inspired by the Harry Potter novels like in Nook Café in Maginhawa or a café filled with different breeds of cuddly Dogs like in Barkin blends in Loyola Heights. We believe that it has been our unofficial duty to search all over Google for any Top 10 cute restaurants in Quezon City or Top 10 affordable restaurants in Quezon City.

Along the artery of Tomas Morato, you will find an elevated restaurant with big translucent windows allowing people from the outside get a glimpse of a haven– Brooklyn’s is its name.

FullSizeRender (6)

When we entered Brooklyn’s, the cold air-conditioned air pampered our heat-walloped skins. Looking around, we were pleased with the origami festooned on the ceilings, their gray walls with some fake unfinished cement construction, and assorted pillow colors in the long wooden chair attached to the walls which made our aesthetic souls very delighted

As a first time diner at the restaurant, we were totally overwhelmed with the variety of food choices—not to mention we arrived at the best timing because they have a promo of 2 Pizzas for only 499. There were Rice Meals, Soups, Buffalo wings, pizza, and different flavors of pasta. Ms. Eloi assisted us, and she patiently waited for us to decide while occasionally offering us possible choices from the chef recommendations. In the end, we ordered solo Bacon and Mushroom (188), Buffalo Wings (298), and for our 2 pizzas, we had Deluxe and Pepperoni. After ordering, Ms. Eloi flipped the menu board and amazement was an understatement because it became a Snakes and Ladders game board, and it did a great job entertaining us as we wait..

When our food was already completely laid, we started eating. The Deluxe pizza was topped with onions, olives, bell peppers, and different kinds of meat making it very flavorful. While the Pepperoni pizza although it looked like it was just a usual pepperoni-and-cheese-covered pizza these two main ingredients are the ones that made it satisfying. I cannot believe we got 8 slices per pizza with almost 250 pesos each only! For the Bacon and Mushroom pasta, as a pasta-lover, this kind of creaminess is always the one I am looking for. As we all know, Carbonara is made up of milk and eggs, and it was supposed to give you goosebumps because of its rich flavor. But with Bacon and Mushroom pasta it mastered controlling the spices, condiments and main ingredients without giving up the quality of the dish. Lastly, for the Buffalo wings, it has a tinge of spiciness due to the seasoning of the outer part, but it was juicy until the last bone you will engulf. You definitely have to try it!

Also, if ever you’re going to dine in at Brooklyn’s do not forget to post an Instagram-worthy picture and tag @brooklynsnewyorkpizza and caption it with a hashtag #HappyAtBrooklyns to get your complimentary Red Iced tea!


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