Welcome to WordPress, self!

I have been on Tumblr for almost 4 years now, and it has been pretty much my outlet for the past years. It watched me from being a one-liner/rant tumblogger to someone who learned how to proofread her posts yet too inactive even to put color to those hearts. It watched me mature from a girl always joining the bandwagon, to a woman who sticks up to what she wants.

It contained all the daily journals of some highlighted events of my life, some emotionally-fabricated long posts about love and friendship, kdrama or any reviews, and productivity-centered pictures for the studyblr community.

But after so much contemplation, I came down to a verdict of creating an #adulting blog. Why? Because I’m on my last year on being a teen in few months and graduating from college 2 years from now!

I realized that perhaps it is time to grow up a little– even in terms of blogging at least. 

I am not saying that I’ll delete my Tumblr account “because I’m completely moving out of it.” Nope, honey! We are talking about a serious matter here, we are talking about 4 years worth of memories! Even if this means maintaining 2 blogs, it’s okay let’s just say that it means, I’ll be having more audience.

So what do we expect from this blog?

Simple. You just don’t expect anything. Really. This blog is non-profit /slash/ it’s not sponsored by anything. This will just contain everything that my mind is itching to get off. Besides, I just want to plot my writing progress, so I’m making it like this.

Most likely this will be categorized to daily journals (and restaurant/cafe review, & travel blogs), emotionally-fabricated long posts, kdrama review, school how-to’s, and miscellaneous.

I’ll try hard to make this informative, but no pressure okay? This is just another outlet of the words scattered in my head.


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