Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Since school is approaching (for us) and it’s enrollment week this week. I decided to make a tutorial on how I do my– drumrolls– everyday makeup!

The following are the products I used on the makeup tutorial I posted on Youtube. (Click here to view the video.)


After moisturizing my skin, I spread this face primer all over my face and especially on the sides of my nose where my pores are most visible.

I have few primers on my kit, but this Maybelline Pore Eraser is the one I loved the most. When my makeup is already done, I just waited for few more minutes and then when I checked my face I was surprised how flawless my skin suddenly has become. This primer deserves 10 stars!

This is the CC Cream that I used. Often, when I do Everyday makeups, I don’t use a foundation because it feels heavy on my face. Unlike when using CC Cream/ BB Cream it’s easier to manage.

I also liked this CC Cream because it actually works on correcting my uneven skin tone and when it gets absorbed by the face it will look like it’s natural.


For concealing unwanted blemishes, impurities, and uneven skin tone. I used this BYS Concealer, which is almost 2 shades lighter than my skin tone. Fyi, that’s how you choose your concealer okay? Hahaha.


The loose powder that I used is the Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder. It may look like it’s just a usual loose powder but it actually works on preventing your face to be oily or shiny throughout the day. I don’t know how much this costs right now, but the last time I bought it, it was around Php500-800.

However, if you don’t have Php800 you can use your Johnson’s Baby Powder because that’s also a loose powder. (#ThriftMode)


This is a Nichido Blush’s Blushing Pink that I bought for only Php88, and it’s not at Daiso, but at Watsons! It has a pretty good coverage, and it’s like a magic blush that when you put it in your cheeks, it will not appear right away. You have to wait for few seconds and then it will dramatically tint your cheeks.

It also stays on your face for a long time, and it sets itself along with the whole makeup that you have. And once it sets with your foundation/cc cream it will really look like it’s a natural blush.

Since the time I bought it, it never left my purse every time I go out!


For the Eyebrows, I used this Etude Drawing Eyebrow. The shade that I have is a grayish brown #02 because that is the one nearest to my eyebrows’ natural color. It’s also easy to use because it’s already angled and it only costs Php175! It’s highly recommended for people who are thrifty because you can use it for almost 2-4 months of everyday use.


Since my eyebrows are problematic, and the left eyebrow is going to a different direction that is entirely unlike the right one. I have to cut it shorter so that it won’t be stubborn and to keep my eyebrows in place I used a Mary Kay Brow Gel.

And since this is just an everyday makeup, I wanted it to be natural so I didn’t use a tinted brow gel. This is just a clear brow gel.


After curling my lashes, I applied this Mascara Cream that I bought at Miniso Robinsons Manila. This costs Php149, and it’s a huge tube with a lot of beauty inside. Although, it didn’t volumize my lashes like those of the Kardashians it really helped in maintaining the curl of my lashes.


Then, I used this Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm. It’s just the clear one, just to moisturize my lips before I put on my matte liquid lipstick.


And last but definitely not the least, after using my lip balm I tinted my lips with Lime Crime’s Faded. I only applied one layer, so that it will look like pinkish nude.

There you have it, folks! Thank you for watching my tutorial!


#NoFilter #RawPicture

I think the next video will take a little while because aside from my busy schedule, my skin also needs to rest to go back to its usual self. I’ve been very stressed out lately because we’re moving out and pressure from “Tawag ng Tanghalan.”

I think I need to step up my skin care routines to keep up with the stress.

Anyway, have a nice day everyone. Stay organized and be kind!

[PS. All the products’ photos are not mine.]


On Drug Pushers and Criminals Killing

For the last 18 years, I have seen how Manila grow and wither. Despite the changing administrations with unfinished business every end of 6 years, I have learned to accept (and ignore) the changes it had experienced.

But during the last two years of the Aquino administration, my eyes were forced open with the vicious reality of our country’s state. Every day whenever I watch the evening news, there will be a story about a drug lord being able to decamp jail like as it is just their home. They even designed their cells with wide screen TVs, jacuzzi, and split type air conditioning units. There will also be a story on CCTV footages of a colorum public utility vehicle dropping their rape victims in deserted roads.

Everyday ladies are reminded not to wear shorts (despite the weather) whenever they commute because they might get raped. Everyday gentlemen are told not to fight back whenever they are being robbed just not to get murdered. Every day we, the Filipino citizens, are afraid to fall asleep on our arduous 1-hour-turned-4-because-of-traffic commute because our things might get stolen. Every day we, human beings, are robbed the safety in our home, our motherland.

No wonder the battle cry of the iron fist, Rodrigo Duterte, was so popular he won by almost six million against the candidate behind him. Just a few weeks after he took his oath of office as the president there are already massive killings of drug users. Even though this sounded bad news because there are “killing,” for the ordinary citizens it is otherwise. Manila, a once infested playground of the drug lord and their drugged pawns, now felt safer and filtered.

Every day there will be drug users curled up at the side of the street taped with a huge cardboard, with a note “I am a drug pusher, do not be like me.” or “I am a snatcher, do not be like me.” Every day there will be drug users who are surrendering to Police stations just to spare their lives. Every day there will be deported foreigners trafficking the young.

But of course, for those families affected, these killings will never be humane. Even though how much of a criminal their departed loved ones were, they are still their family, and they will mourn for them, and diss the current administration because it is against their plans.– Woah, I almost saw my brain when I rolled my eyes.

c1_1031673_620x413Where is justice?

It has been a common question coming from a lot of affected families. They said the police officers shot their loved ones when they are not even retaliating attack; they were helpless, and the police officers brutally pulled a trigger at them countless times.

Every time I hear their voices full of mourning and anguish, I always remind myself that I should be empathic because it’s still their family. In whatever angle you look at, there is someone killed, and that is still a life full of memories.

But I despise these people. I despise how they’ve spent their remaining money to drugs instead of feeding their family or saving up for their family. I know of individuals taking these illicit drugs but are still in their proper state of mind, but let’s head into generalized scope, most people abusing the use of these illegal drugs are transforming into their worst self. They commit crimes with bashful immorality, and they batter anyone against their plans.

If we are just talking about finding justice, how about finding justice to those who were murdered, robbed, trafficked, and raped by these drug lords and their drugged pawns?


Violence breeds Violence.

With the killing of criminals, the other side of the boat is questioning the authority of the police officers. Did they follow the right procedure? Did they kill the right person (drug user) and not just any innocent civilian looking like a drug user? What if Martial Law reincarnates and give police officers omnipotent jurisdiction to kill people because “they’re cleaning up the country”? 

What about those past years when criminality did not receive this kind of attention? When they are being pacified just to lie low and not cause too much damage, was there no violence at all?


It was just less violent because it’s just the criminals’ side doing the barbarism and the ordinary people are just on the one hand trying their best to be invisible just to save their lives. It was just less violent because there is no serious and unified opposition from the ambassadors of peace and order.

It was less violent, but it’s not peaceful.

There is the cold breeze of fear in everyone’s mentality; there is no infused respect to everyone from everyone. Respect is no longer earned, and they are just given to those people who are power dressed and someone they can benefit from. No less, no more.

© Hazel Thompson 
Kids Behind Bars

Philippine Jails
children in Prison

It is seen in movies, in printed broadsheets, in media news coverage, and everywhere that these criminals are superior with their guns in their hands. It is not the gun that is evil but the one holding it.

I am against killing, but if it’s killing a convicted criminal of a felony under due process, I don’t see any reason why not.

The clamping of these prisoners, in a small unwell, ventilated cell and being fed through the taxes automatically deducted every month to the working class. Some of the prisoners (especially the rich one) can even go out of the jail, design their cells to their comfort, and smuggle drugs, money, and promiscuous women.

If they don’t have any plans on rehabilitating themselves, I think it will be better if a capital punishment will push through so that the national interest for safety, peace, and order will be more achievable.

It will not only kill criminals, but it will also serve as a reminder for other people thinking about being a criminal, of the possible catastrophe coming their way.


Why Japanese stores are booming in the Philippines

As we all know, Japan colonized the Philippines for almost four years. History-wise it devastated the Philippines by uncontrollably annihilating our green fields to bring supplies to their country. Aside from that, it is also unforgettable how sexually deprived were these Japanese-inmates-turn-soldiers when they would just abduct Filipinas and make them their comfort women. They succeeded in pillaging the innocence of these young Filipinas by taking turns on raping them. However, I think, being sieged by three different countries of different races. Filipinos have adapted to their presence, and without these countries obligating Filipinos to patronize their goods, Filipinos just ended up doing it. Now without any guns pointed at them, just their free will.

We are in that generation wherein we are obsessed with having a lot of material things, yet spending so little on it. Forget about the quality, as long as it’s new and pleasing before our eyes, we grab it and hand the Osmeñas or Ninoys from our wallet. After all, we would just like to feel how it is to have new things, and soon we’ll get tired of it then eventually we will even forget where we last placed it. It was a trend having bantam and chromatic chopsticks, sets of colorful pens, or revolutionized ice cube trays with bizarre shapes, which only costs Php88 or Php66. As a buyer trying to be practical in the life of exiguity, I would, guiltily, always look for Japan’s alternative products first before I choose other commercial products.

This is one of the tactics Japan Homes used, it gave the people an illusion that everything is cheap. May it be as big as a casserole, or small as a toothpick, it’s just below Php100. May it be few like one round metal lunch box (or bento), or many like Assorted 10-pcs-pen, it’s just below Php100. The mirage given by these Japanese stores were useful on the Filipinos that’s why these stores kept on multiplying in the last years.

Japan Home Centre established itself in the year 2004 at Market Market, Bonifacio Global City. From 15 branches at the same year, it grew to 100 in 2012. Japan Homes introduced 100 Yen shop or hyaku-en shoppu in the Philippines with the concept of Php88 for all products, and Php66 for some products. Aside for Japan Home Centre, there is also other Php88 Japan Store concept around the Philippines, to name a few these are Daiso and the local Japan surplus.

Also, Filipinos already have an idea that products that are “made in China” are of low quality. So, if it is from other countries, it’s of high quality. I have nothing to say about the quality of Japan products from Japan Homes because their dinner wares are constituted with a strong ceramic segment which makes them invulnerable to sudden breaking when dropped. But, there are also products that failed the quality test. One time, I was at Daiso planning to buy 5 inches long universal charger which you can plug into your powerbank. But they have to try almost 20 boxes before they found something that works. Imagine if I didn’t ask them to test the product? Imagine if I didn’t insist on all cords of the universal charger be checked? My Php88 might have been put to waste!

I know that Japan Homes and other Japan stores are job generating industries for a lot of Filipinos. So, this is not only about reminding Filipinos that we are no longer under Japanese occupations. Hence, we can stop patronizing Japanese products instead of ours.

This also for all Filipino local companies that probably they should start innovating their products, investing in machinery, and indulge on new ideas from the new generations. They should try to learn from the strategies of international companies and apply it to their businesses so that Philippines can be at pace with the other companies globally. After all, it’s 2016, and Philippines has a different battle cry than what she had during the 1900’s.

Delicacy in the city: Brooklyn’s (Tomas Morato)


As a student exposed to the social media platforms, it has been our own little fetish to look for cafes or restaurants, that has a very unique interior but still have a wallet-friendly price tag. It delights our aesthetics whenever the café or restaurant was able to showcase a bizarre atmosphere totally detached from the standard two portable plastic tables and four monoblocks.

Due to the popularity of Instagram-worthy cafés or restaurants, may it be a café inspired by the Harry Potter novels like in Nook Café in Maginhawa or a café filled with different breeds of cuddly Dogs like in Barkin blends in Loyola Heights. We believe that it has been our unofficial duty to search all over Google for any Top 10 cute restaurants in Quezon City or Top 10 affordable restaurants in Quezon City.

Along the artery of Tomas Morato, you will find an elevated restaurant with big translucent windows allowing people from the outside get a glimpse of a haven– Brooklyn’s is its name.

FullSizeRender (6)

When we entered Brooklyn’s, the cold air-conditioned air pampered our heat-walloped skins. Looking around, we were pleased with the origami festooned on the ceilings, their gray walls with some fake unfinished cement construction, and assorted pillow colors in the long wooden chair attached to the walls which made our aesthetic souls very delighted

As a first time diner at the restaurant, we were totally overwhelmed with the variety of food choices—not to mention we arrived at the best timing because they have a promo of 2 Pizzas for only 499. There were Rice Meals, Soups, Buffalo wings, pizza, and different flavors of pasta. Ms. Eloi assisted us, and she patiently waited for us to decide while occasionally offering us possible choices from the chef recommendations. In the end, we ordered solo Bacon and Mushroom (188), Buffalo Wings (298), and for our 2 pizzas, we had Deluxe and Pepperoni. After ordering, Ms. Eloi flipped the menu board and amazement was an understatement because it became a Snakes and Ladders game board, and it did a great job entertaining us as we wait..

When our food was already completely laid, we started eating. The Deluxe pizza was topped with onions, olives, bell peppers, and different kinds of meat making it very flavorful. While the Pepperoni pizza although it looked like it was just a usual pepperoni-and-cheese-covered pizza these two main ingredients are the ones that made it satisfying. I cannot believe we got 8 slices per pizza with almost 250 pesos each only! For the Bacon and Mushroom pasta, as a pasta-lover, this kind of creaminess is always the one I am looking for. As we all know, Carbonara is made up of milk and eggs, and it was supposed to give you goosebumps because of its rich flavor. But with Bacon and Mushroom pasta it mastered controlling the spices, condiments and main ingredients without giving up the quality of the dish. Lastly, for the Buffalo wings, it has a tinge of spiciness due to the seasoning of the outer part, but it was juicy until the last bone you will engulf. You definitely have to try it!

Also, if ever you’re going to dine in at Brooklyn’s do not forget to post an Instagram-worthy picture and tag @brooklynsnewyorkpizza and caption it with a hashtag #HappyAtBrooklyns to get your complimentary Red Iced tea!

Catching up: Book and Border’s Cafe (Tomas Morato)

Whenever someone asks me “Where do you want to eat?” Choosing a restaurant in the mall is always my last choice. Apparently, I fancy bizarre-interior-designed independent restaurants you’ll find in Tomas Morato, The Fort BGC, Maginhawa, BF Homes Parañaque, or anywhere I didn’t mention. I love how it tends to be uncrowded, private, and well Yup smells bloody romantic.

So once again the trio (Pammy, Krizia, and I) searched over Google to find a wallet-friendly yet still an Instagram-worthy restaurant. The primary goal of this “meeting” is actually just to talk over a cup of coffee while twirling our fork around the pasta or perhaps just satisfy our sweet tooth with delicious pastries. Despite our Facebook chat being so active, we would still prefer to meet in person. I also have enslaving commitments while trying to push through with my habits of watching Korean Dramas, writing a story, blogging, editing videos and such. So, typing my long stories and my exaggerated point of views will take me until my next life.

But guess where we went? Book and Borders cafe. From the name itself it already rang a bell that it’s a place that is conducive for people trying to get a hold of their sanity while understanding a pile of books for their successful future. And then us… We’ll be there seating in the farthest couch and whiling.


I was the first one to arrive since I was just a few blocks away from Tomas Morato because of my voice lesson. I walked to the couch at the farthest corner because we want to freely do tête-à-tête. After a while, Krizia arrived, and since we don’t like to come into tedium, we started ordering food. I ordered a Chicken Parmigiana, which was, as Louisa Clark (From Me Before You) would call it, ” pasta in green gravy.”  The deliciousness of the food was sinew with a Crispy Chicken Fillet on top. While, Krizia ordered the Quatro Cheese, which was a baked mac with lots of cheese. As much as we are capable of obliterating the foods in split seconds, we weren’t able to because we had so many things to chat about.


While we were eating our desserts, Matcha Cheese Cake and Belgian chocolate cake (something), Pammy arrived. We glanced at our wrist watches, and vehemently shot her with our “You’re 3 hours late!” But of course we love her, so we let it pass. And we just bullied her, to compensate for the past 3 hours we’ve missed. She ordered Chicken Penne Pesto. Although I liked what I ordered (of course, being it a Pesto), I was a little disheartened when I tasted the Chicken Penne Pesto. I think they need improvements with their pasta in Penne because it tends not to absorb the flavor that it was supposed to give off.

We chatted for another hour or so. And then we went to Style Metro that’s just a few steps away from Book and Border. Just to check on some clothes that we can buy for the debut that we were invited to. After a while, we decided to go home because it’s getting late.

We are currently planning on another adventure, so stay tuned for another blog. I will also be publishing a vlog about everything that happened for the month of June.

Welcome to Wordpress, self!

I have been on Tumblr for almost 4 years now, and it has been pretty much my outlet for the past years. It watched me from being a one-liner/rant tumblogger to someone who learned how to proofread her posts yet too inactive even to put color to those hearts. It watched me mature from a girl always joining the bandwagon, to a woman who sticks up to what she wants.

It contained all the daily journals of some highlighted events of my life, some emotionally-fabricated long posts about love and friendship, kdrama or any reviews, and productivity-centered pictures for the studyblr community.

But after so much contemplation, I came down to a verdict of creating an #adulting blog. Why? Because I’m on my last year on being a teen in few months and graduating from college 2 years from now!

I realized that perhaps it is time to grow up a little– even in terms of blogging at least. 

I am not saying that I’ll delete my Tumblr account “because I’m completely moving out of it.” Nope, honey! We are talking about a serious matter here, we are talking about 4 years worth of memories! Even if this means maintaining 2 blogs, it’s okay let’s just say that it means, I’ll be having more audience.

So what do we expect from this blog?

Simple. You just don’t expect anything. Really. This blog is non-profit /slash/ it’s not sponsored by anything. This will just contain everything that my mind is itching to get off. Besides, I just want to plot my writing progress, so I’m making it like this.

Most likely this will be categorized to daily journals (and restaurant/cafe review, & travel blogs), emotionally-fabricated long posts, kdrama review, school how-to’s, and miscellaneous.

I’ll try hard to make this informative, but no pressure okay? This is just another outlet of the words scattered in my head.