5 things I wish I heard when I was a freshman

Believe it or not, four years in college will quickly pass by, and if you are not going to use your time efficiently, your college life will just be put to waste. Always remember to look into the bigger picture, as much as you are in the university to enjoy your youth, you are still there because it’s a stepping stone towards your dream job.

I graduated at the University of Santo Tomas, one of the prestigious schools in the Philippines, with a degree in English Language Studies (Applied Linguistics). Without any intention of bragging– I also graduated Cum Laude with a 1.6 GWA.

I graduated in a prestigious school and with flying colors– so it should be eAsY fOr mE tO gEt a j0b, rIgHt??? NO. NOPE. NEVER. 

I may have landed into a job right now. But that ‘prestige and latin honor’ never helped me get a special lane or special treatment. In fact, I think, that even worsen the case because they tend to expect much from me. Yet, personally, I feel like I’m lacking in so many skills or outputs that I should have done because it’s expected from my program or because it’s for the industry that I’m hoping to get into. Is it complicated? VERY.

So here are the 5 things I wish I heard when I was a freshman– or something explicitly pointed out to me so I could have focused on it.


1. You should already know what you want to be when you graduate.

This is usually asked during the first day of freshmen year, but looking back, this question is always answered hastily because it seemed like the professor was just asking to check if “I want to be a teacher” because of my program.

But this is important. Take the question as seriously as possible. It’s not as simple as, “I want to be a TV anchor” or “I want to be an author”, it should be something big like laying down all the steps you’ll take to become a TV anchor or an author.

It should be crystal clear to you as to what you really want and how you’re going to achieve it.


2. Sign up for Kalibrr, LinkedIn Jobs, Jobstreet, Monster, etc.

As early as your Sophomore year it’s important that you already have accounts in these job hunting websites. Take these websites as your Facebook or Twitter, but this time you’re scrolling through a news feed of job opportunities, or you’re stalking CEOs and HR recruiters.

Through these platforms, you will be able to check the qualifications and requirements for the position and the company you would like to work with. Thus, you will be able to plan ahead, like take extra courses or learn the skills through Youtube, so that you can get the job for sure!

Bonus: You may also join those Facebook groups like this because they also post job opportunities.


3. Apply for internships and join lots of organizations

Usually internships happen every junior year or the summer vacation after it. But for my program, we weren’t required to. But if you would ask me, I would suggest that you apply for internships during sophomore year and be there during your sophomore year or on the summer vacation.

In this way, your recruiter will be impressed that you are proactive, and that might be a plus point for you. Besides, the summer vacation after junior year is usually the time you’ll look for your thesis topic. But didn’t you realize, that if you will have more experiences then you will have more ideas to consider for your thesis. Plus! It can also be a plus points, if you’ll make a research based on the company you’re interning for. That is definitely a win-win, and you’re gaining more chances of getting absorbed by the company.

Invest on your internships. You’re fortunate if you find companies who will give you allowances but REMEMBER it’s also okay if they won’t. We can’t do anything about it anymore. What you can do instead is to really take time to research for companies who give allowances or you may ask the recruiters.

After all, you are after the experience and their company name on your resume.

Also, you are encouraged to join organizations (univ-wide organizations or something that is known internationally) in the university which are aligned to the industry that you would like to apply for. Always remember that your time in college is constrained, so make sure you’re not wasting your time joining organizations that are “just fun” but won’t help you get into the job that you’ll have to do for the rest of your life.


4. Take advantage of the UST Career Fair

Every year, the UST Career and Counseling office holds a Career Fair wherein more than a hundred companies are invited to accept resumes from job aspirants and to also promote their companies.

So take this opportunity to submit your resumes because this is already, you know, spoon feeding. They already went to the university, you don’t need to get stuck in traffic just to go to their companies.

funny gif of trump vs handshake.gif

5. Have a wide range of network

Remember those aunts and uncles that you don’t like hanging out with because they’re too “old” but they have established companies or have stable position in big companies? Network to them.

It may not be comfortable for some people to ask for “help” from family friends or relatives to get in your first job, but personally, please consider this.

After all, it’s just the first job, and they will not hundred percent help you get in, they will just be part of the “references” on your resume so that it will be more appealing and they can talk about you positively.

Or if you don’t really like this idea, well, follow the other steps so you’ll have a bunch of experiences you won’t need any references because your portfolio is appealing enough.

At this point, you may be facing anxieties because you think that you are running/ran out of time to make things better. But, don’t be too scared to step into the real world, because that will not help you in any way and it will just build more hesitations.

Your first job doesn’t have to be the perfect one, it’s a process so you just have to carefully think about your decisions when taking steps on your career path. Also, you are not also forced to follow this timeline, we all have our own timelines based on our decisions.

This is just the reality and regrets rolled into one by someone who hoped she could turn back the time.

PS. Message me for any career talks, I did great on this right?? LOL 1/2 kidding


Day off: Ooma + Dean & Deluca

Last March 30, 2018, we had a staycation at Acqua Residences. I was in a total day-off mode so I really wanted to spend the most out of it, and since I’m already in Mandaluyong and way nearer to my best friend, Pammy, we decided to meet up and have dinner (even though I am still full I still went because why not spend money ugh).

It was a holy week so the Powerplant Mall was closed and the whole Rockwell center was dimmed. But that didn’t stop us from walking around, looking for the perfect Japanese restaurant to satisfy our cravings for Japanese food.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

We went for Ooma, an authentic Japanese restaurant at 1209, 28 Plaza Dr, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila. I’ve known Ooma for a while now because it was one of the restaurants in BGC that attracted me because of their exterior design. They have unique wooden tables and chairs, outside their restaurant which looked like an outdoor bench with Japanese scrolls used as blinds or dividers. But it was always full that’s why we were not able to try it before.

But now, since it’s a holy week and most people are not in the city. When we visited, we were able to take a seat right away. But the funny thing is, after checking the menu outside and asking some things which implied that we are interested to dine there, the employee asked us, “Ma’am do you want to be seated?” Ay? How sabog can you get?

Upon entering, the scrolls hanging from the ceiling will get your attention right away because of how low it seems. The walls’ design also seems like they are unfinished but it was aesthetically pleasing. The tables and chairs were wooden, which totally complemented the Japanese vibes. There is also the second floor but we were not able to check it anymore– maybe next time?

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Buta Kakuni Katsudon 

Pammy ordered the Buta Kakuni Katsudon (Php299) which comes with a salad. Nothing much special about the Katsudon, except the fact that the egg was just rightly cooked and the meat was tender. Also, there are nori strips on top which didn’t really make any difference.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Ebi Tempura Maki 

This. This. This. I ordered the Ebi Tempura Maki (Php 245) because I was seriously craving for Makis in the last weeks. And when I tasted this one. Boom. Fireworks. Confetti.

I knew that Ooma was really an authentic Japanese restaurant because even if you bite the half of this Maki it will still be in its perfect shape. It also has Avocado inside which complemented with the sauce, so it was really really good it was a tunnel to my heart. But the Shrimps’ heads were just awkward. I mean, imagine eating something like that on a date, and you had to spit out the head because of your personal preference that it’s kinda strange.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Dean and Deluca Interior

After getting satisfied with our Japanese dinner, we searched for a place where we can have dessert. After going from Starbucks to Wildflour, we ended up in Dean & Deluca at Ground Floor Edades Tower, Rockwell Center, 18 Amorsolo Dr, Makati, 1209 Kalakhang Maynila. It’s famous for their cakes and their breakfast menu. I also heard about it before because my sister was also a restaurant junky.

Unfortunately, when we came, they were about to close already, the second floor can’t even be occupied anymore.

We settled on the first floor, and elegance is everywhere. The big walls and the wine counter were just so fancy. It’s really such a nice place to do paperwork because it’s too peaceful. But, there are speakers outside where you can hear music but you’ll hardly hear it if you’re inside.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Salted Dean & Deluca Cake 

We just ordered one cake because the slice was really big, the cakes left were not that interesting anymore, and we are not that hungry for it. It’s like we just wanted to pacify our sweet tooth as well.

The cake we ordered was the Salted Dean & Deluca Cake (Php283.21) which is a moist chocolate cake with caramel bits drizzled on top. It was really mouth watering because I love moist chocolate cakes + anything caramel so this was really a good deal!


This is us in our Tita form. We’d like to also thank Dean & Deluca for giving us boiling water when we only asked for warm water. We appreciated the cleansing of the sweets.

Ooma Restaurant

1209, 28 Plaza Dr, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila.

Dean & Deluca 

Ground Floor Edades Tower, Rockwell Center, 18 Amorsolo Dr, Makati, 1209 Kalakhang Maynila

There you have it. Hope to hear your experience!

Breather: Aqua Private Residences

When 2018 came in, I knew for sure that with all the deadlines to be chased, it will definitely be months of restlessness. Ironic as it seemed, we came to that last few months in which one mistake can disregard all the efforts I made in the last 4 years.

As much I know in myself that I will graduate on time (based on my academic performance) it still stressed me out how in a snap of a finger any unfavorable circumstance can determine my future. Those what-ifs I rewind in my head usually kept me up at night, and I was very vocal about it with my family. That’s why they really made efforts to lessen those stress in any way that they can. Like my mom will send me extra allowance, my Ate Marjoe will order me Pizza/buy me makeups, my Ate Judah will ask me to go out with her to watch movies/eat somewhere, my Kuya Harris would offer a ride, and for my Kuya Harold… this is what he did.

Related image

Aqua Private Residences in the future (Retrieved from https://ie.hotels.com/ho678428/siglo-suites-the-acqua-private-residences-mandaluyong-philippines/)

Last March 30, 2018, he rented a condo unit for 2 days and 2 nights in Aqua Private Residences, which is located in Mandaluyong. It is a new multi-towered real estate property, in fact, some part of it is still under construction. It is located near the Tivoli Gardens and it’s just across Rockwell center, separated by Pasig river.

Although he rented the place for 2 days, I only went there on the 2nd day because I still have a work. So on the 2nd day, together with Kuya Harris’ family we went there at around 7AM. Our room was a studio unit at the 41st floor, and it was so funny because I am not used to living in a small house because my family is big, we’re 8 in the family ++ my Kuya Howard’s yaya so it was really hard to move around a studio type unit. Every time a person has to walk from one place to another, they can’t walk at the same time or else they’ll bump into each other, or to something else.

When we arrived and settled our things, we had breakfast, and then we quickly changed to our swimwear and went to the pool because my nephews are too excited for it. #TitaDuties

Swimming Area

Swimming Area

This is the pool, it’s small and there is also a guard who regulates the 2:1 ratio (2 guests per room) which is a total killjoy because we’re too many. But since I am with the kids, it became 6:1 ratio for us. *powwwwwwer*

The water was so cold, it was really freezing cold, I had to soak my whole self hoping to feel less cold. But it was an open area, and we were in the 50th floor, so the wind was mixing with the cold water, my jaws were really shaking.

Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset

Beside the pool, there is a spiral stairway which will lead you to the balcony.

Processed with VSCO with kk1 presetIn the balcony, you will see the great Makati and Mandaluyong skyline, which really made me feel excited because I love progressive city views. There are also foldable beach chairs, where you can relax and feel the cold wind blowing. 

Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset

The pabebe gurl

Of course, before getting into the pool and getting completely soaked, I had to roam around first and take good pictures. duuuh

After swimming, we went back to our room at around 11:30 AM because it’s getting hot and we’re also about to eat our lunch– Sinigang na Bangus! One more thing, the condo unit didn’t have a lot of plates, and kitchen utensils, so we had to eat batch per batch, and it really developed teamwork and camaraderie among us. HAHAHA

After we had lunch, I took a long steamy bath, slept all afternoon, ate pizza, had Adobong Manok for dinner, and bonded with my nephews and my niece, until they went home at night. It was a complete day off because I didn’t meet my laptop for the whole day, and as much as I know that my thesis was still flawed, I just let it all go and didn’t think of it that day.

And I think that’s how you should spend your life every once in a while.

Life can already be too stressful, and as much as you think that you don’t deserve rewarding yourself because of how you view your progress in school or work– don’t be too hard on yourself, you still have to reward yourself and take a break. Being burnt out will just lead you to spend all day looking at your tasks, but not really doing it at all– and I think wasting time is the worst.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Look at that skyline!!!!!!!

When night came in, they all left and it was just me and my Kuya Harold there. And to completely spend the whole day off, I asked my best friend, Pammy, to go out with me and go to Powerplant Mall.

I went home at around 11:30 PM and then I had my skincare routine. The internet signal wasn’t that good in our room, so when I found the right spot I ended up sleeping at around 1 AM.

The following day, I woke up at around 10 AM and then I went to the gym.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Gym Area

The gym is not that big, it was clean, and it was obvious that the equipment is new and of high quality. Plus the glass window served a fantastic view of the Makati and Mandaluyong skyline. I almost felt like I am in Singapore because of the numerous tall buildings everywhere. But I think I was too preoccupied with the view, I was not able to run well and I was running sloppier.

But I think it will be a different case once I live there (Oh how I wish). 

If I will go to the gym every day I will become a better runner and I’d have that beach body every day. So let me live there and I will become a better person. *Brb, debates with my mom, jk*

However, I think it could’ve been better if they will open the gym 24 hours because I think the 6AM to 10PM open hours are too limited. Plus, the airconditioning unit was on and at a low temperature so it was really hard to perspire.

Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset


Outside the gym, there is also this “library” which has a very good interior color scheme and patterns, I was totally in love with it. I am really obsessed with study places, study hubs, and study halls, and I think it makes me live in peace and I can do a lot of productive things. So this library was really the ultimate factor that helped me fall in love with the place.

As you can see in the picture there is a table in the side with lots of chairs, and under that, there are a lot of sockets, and there is also a big window which totally receives too much light from the outside. I also like the different orientation of the bookshelves, but I hope that eventually, they will put a lot of books there so that it will look more of a library. The couches were also so comfortable, I almost imagined myself being there every day.

Outside the library, there are also other amenities like a conference area and a study hall. But they were locked so I wasn’t able to take a picture of it.

Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset

At around 2 PM we already checked out, went home, and I was back to reality. As much I know that I am back to the strenuous writing of my thesis, I was doing my thesis happier because I knew I was able to rest and even though it’s just a day it’s enough to not feel like I am slacking on my thesis writing. I am really happy that I spent good memories in Aqua Private Residences, can’t wait to go back.

Acqua Private Residences

Livingstone Tower

1550 Coronado, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Radiate that retro diner vibes: Burgoo

It has been roughly two years since the last time I saw my best friend, Jem.  I remember when we were in high school, a lot of people say that we were such a twin. We were inseparable– and whenever we are it’s just because we fought (ugh you know high school dramas). But, when college happened, we went separate ways because she transferred school, and since then we sported a low-maintenance relationship.

But, during the Christmas break, we decided to set up a date to catch up– which I was 80% positive wouldn’t push through the last minute, and, although we already sported that low-maintenance relationship, with my attitude of don’t-invite-twice-if-you-get-rejected-the-first-time, if it won’t push through today, there will be a gap as huge as San Andreas fault that will be apparent.

But thank God, it push through.

IMG_2526 (6)

I Booky-ed a table for two at Burgoo, and I know that it’s quite popular because its menu serves the similar food to Gumbo and TGIF, but maybe it was just that it was a non-peak hour that is why there were fewer people, and we get to choose our spot– which is a couch beside the big windows. Gurl, natural lighting will always be terrific!

The ambiance of the restaurant is similar to a retro diner, there were a lot of pop art memoirs on the walls + the couch seats and the simple mosaic chandelier + the counter for orders was in the middle of the restaurant which really radiated that ultimate American diner vibes. It just didn’t have the LED lights (red, blue, violet) combination to be at par with Poblacion’s Filling Station or other 90’s retro diner themed restaurants. But when you try it, you’d agree that it subtly gives out that vibe.

Also, the restaurant employees were very approachable. Storytime: I tend to get slight panic attacks whenever we order and my friends take too long to decide because I feel responsible for wasting that person’s time– especially for those who are always blank-faced whenever they’re getting our orders. However, for Burgoo the employees were very patient and they even helped us decide by suggesting some Manager’s choice dishes.


Pizza Sampler (Php 495)


Since our agenda for today was to really catch up, we decided to order a lot of food to keep us company. So, first, we ordered the Pizza Sampler (Php 495) which is a pizza for people who can’t choose what flavor to order so voila! they already made it easier by placing 4 flavors in 1 pizza!

However, I am very particular with pizza because I really love them and a good pizza for me is the one that is difficult to get because of the abundance of Mozzarella cheese and/or the flavor that it gives with all the toppings blending in my taste buds. However, for this Pizza, although it was served hot it felt like it was made last night and it was only reheated. The toppings were good, but the pizza’s dough was dry.


Seafood Jambalaya Supreme (Php 395)


Next, we ordered Seafood Jambalaya Supreme (Php 395). This one is my favorite. Aside from it is rice, it’s also Seafood Paella which I’m really in love with. Plus, there is also the chicken which could’ve been better if it wasn’t just fried like the ones we do at home.


Supreme Sampler (Php 425)

Lastly, the Supreme Sampler (Php425). This is also one of the good food that we had. I love the cheddar cheese fries and the calamari especially when it was dipped in that Tartar sauce (if I’m not mistaken).

However, the buffalo wings were just like a fried chicken covered with ketchup. I was expecting it to be more flavorful until the bones, but it wasn’t. Also for the Mozzarella sticks, it’s good in the first few bites but the cheese inside was too thick it would give you goosebumps.


Jem and me!


And here is a good picture of us taken by the restaurant employee.

Burgoo has been a reputable dining place which people had been going to for decades. I believe that a business will not be in the arena for such a long time if it didn’t work hard to be in that spot. However, for Burgoo (SM North) which the only Burgoo I’ve been to… yet, I think they focused on other things than their food. I am fully aware that their service was excellent, their employees were approachable and they were perceptive with our needs (refilling water, offering this and that, taking another photo etc), they patiently waited for us when we were deciding on which food to order, and also the place was very clean.

However, it is a restaurant. After all, it should focus on serving good quality food. In a perspective of non-chef but a home-cook, the food should be more palatable. Maybe heighten the room temperature so that the food will have a longer time before it sogs. And of course… Put more love to the art of cooking! Maybe Burgoo wasn’t just in their best shape when we visited, so I am looking forward to visiting it and giving it another try.

So there you have it! If you want to visit a subtle retro diner, go to Burgoo! You can find it at 3/F SM City North EDSA, The Block, North Ave, Sto. Cristo, Quezon City. Hope to hear your experience!

Annyeonghaseyo, chingu!: Don Day

For the past years, Korean restaurants have been booming in the Philippines. A lot of netizens across social media platforms are in constant search for affordable unlimited Korean restaurants, may it be with a buffet or just the grill. With all the affordable Korean restaurants I’ve seen, I always prefer the ones with the buffet rather than the unlimited samgyupsal only, not only because of the price difference but also because I think I’d grow a whole pig farm in my tummy if that would be the only thing I’ll eat.

Personally, I’ve only felt the Korean-restaurant-craze this 2016 since I once believed that I am not a buffet person because I am a little picky about food. That when there are a lot of choices, I tend to settle on my favorites again and again until I get full and that includes RICE so I’d get full faster so I won’t be able to stack up many plates, thus I’ll think that I am at a disadvantage.

However, with my brother’s training, I realized that I was raised to be a fighter so I can conquer… the grilling & piles of plates! My first Korean buffet restaurant experience was in Sodam, however, it’s too far from our house so I wanted to try Don Day.


It was a usual stressful weekday in school but it was a little lax since we only have a school event at 1 PM, so I pulled my Samgyup Squad for lunch, and we arrived there at around 10:30 AM.

But they are not open until 11 AM. And I didn’t know about it until then. For everyone’s information and for my future reference they are open for lunch from 11 AM to 2:30 PM, then dinner from 5 PM to 10 PM.

We waited at 7 Eleven beside it, touched the alcohol bottles and talk about the hardest liquor they drank, and I’m just there evaluating how boring my life is as I question their preference to drink bitter and weird tasting alcohol drinks. I came to a conclusion that growing up in a patriarchal society like the Philippines, the degree of bitterness of a liquor you can take is related to some form of female masculinity. (I don’t know about you but isn’t it too shallow that masculinity can simply be based on alcohol?)

Almost 10-15 minutes before 11 AM, the servers already let us in. We chose a table near the buffet table, got hyped up and after settling our things we started the food trip.


There are two sides of Don Day, it’s not that it’s different Don Days it’s just that they divided the food into two sides. This is one side of Don Day where it is mostly the dishes and the individual food.

8Here is the other side, where the Bibimbap corner is, the soups, the fruits, the side dishes, the condiments, the liquor, and other food are.

Oh my! Look at the variety of food and you can take those unlimited + Unlimited samgyupsal for only Php499, or unlimited Chadolbaegi for only Php599!


They also offer ice creams but it’s not included in the buffet.


This is how our table looks like. It might look like it’s aesthetically pleasing but don’t get fooled by Photoshop, okay!? It was really chaotic!

The restaurant is really huge, there are a lot of tables and there are a lot of people who dine there. It’s very tidy especially their restroom! And a clean restroom is always a plus point!

The servers were also attentive to the things that you need like refilling water and taking out the used plates in the table– or to help you with the grill because you don’t have the same griller and the switch’s instruction is in Korean/Japanese.


My Samgyup Squad. I appreciated it. Really. I remember threatening them that if they will back out last minute and give me lame excuses it will be the last time that I’ll invite them. (#HillaryDramasAlwaysWin) These people really have wonderful personalities and while we’re eating I didn’t know why my tummy ached so good, is it because of the food or the stories we shared? I can’t remember but it was such a good tummy ache. This will definitely not be the last one.

Don Day, may be one of the underrated Korean Restaurants in Quezon City, but for me, it’s the best Korean buffet restaurant among the 3 I’ve been to. They serve authentic food, their service is good, and the price is enough for the quality of food. Don Day is definitely my go-to Korean buffet restaurant.

So there you have it! If you want to visit a hidden gem unlimited Korean buffet restaurant, go to Don Day! You can find it at Sunshine Boulevard Plaza, Quezon Avenue Corner Scout Santiago Street, South Triangle, Quezon City. Hope to hear your experience!

Neon nights: Big Boy’s Diner

Diners have been a huge part of the American history because it was usually the place where Americans traveling long miles take their rest, socialize with other travelers, fuel their cars, and have a meal any time of the day. Diners have been a symbol of America, especially in most pop culture, and the Philippines, being one of the main bearers of American culture in Asia– diners-themed restaurants gained so much popularity and they spread out like wildfire around the Philippines.

One of the nearest diners in our area is the Big Boy’s Diner which has been very popular as a place where people do photo shoots because of the blue, violet and red neon lights that also became trendy because of the American series Riverdale. They open at around 5pm, and it’s really important that you come earlier and reserve a table because the place is small so the seats are very limited.


Upon entering you will be mesmerized with how they could convince you that you stepped into another era. The colors and style of the seats, the arrangement of the whole restaurant, the style of the menu, the design, and the uniform of the servers are all like a cutout from pictures of American diners in the 50’s.

But I think that’s all that this restaurant can offer.


We ordered Macho Nacho (Php140) which is nachos consisting cheese sauce, salsa, and few chicken bites. In the first few bites, it’s still crunchy, but as you go to the inner part the nachos are soggy and you have to shove it to your mouth very fast or else it will crumble.


We also ordered Big Boy’s Burger (Php200) which is a burger with tomato, lettuce, bacon, onion, American cheese, mushrooms, and a beef patty. There is no problem with the burger, from the buns to patty they are really cooked well. The patty was also thick enough and the lettuce was fresh.

However, the onion rings that come with it was really surprising. This is the first time I saw onion rings as thin, weak, and tasteless as this. The onion rings almost looked like pasta. I hope they would improve this, or remove it from their menu at all.


The last thing we ordered was the Waffle (Php85) which I forgot why we really ordered. But it was thick and good enough but I hope they would be more generous with the syrup because this is very thick and it doesn’t have anything in it.


For our drinks, we had Vanilla (Php140) and Unicorn Milkshakes (Php150). The Vanilla was enough to bring the boys in the yard but the Unicorn was the one that would shoo away the boys because it was so sweet and you would really get goosebumps in every sip.

At around 6pm, the lights turned on and everyone started taking photos of themselves, their friends, and the place because it suddenly turned similar to 50’s diners in America.

So of course, we will not miss this chance!


To sum it up, Big Boy’s Diner is a good restaurant, it has a good place, good price, and a good idea of the menu. However, I think they have to work on few things: First, customer service, regardless of how tired the diners are every diner is different so they shouldn’t be frowning at their diners just because the previous ones didn’t receive them well. Probably try to be more enthusiastic, recommend a food, and volunteer to take photos of them– you know try to be friendly. Second, I know the place is very popular but they shouldn’t pressure the people seated just because some people are waiting outside. It’s still a first come first served basis. Don’t come to the table and get the menu because it’s like saying “You don’t have any order? Ok, you better leave so the next one can come in and order.” Not everyone who comes to the restaurant just wants to eat, sometimes they also need to chat??? Lastly, they should improve their menu. They already have a grasp of what should be on the menu, they just have to improve the taste and the presentation.

So there you have it! If you want to visit diner with the 50’s vibes, go to Big Boy’s Diner! You can find it at 128 Sto. Domingo Avenue Corner Sta. Catalina Street, Banawe, Quezon City. Hope to hear your experience!

Almost midnight meal: Denny’s

Denny’s has been a word of mouth for being synonymous to iHop, but I’m not really a fan of pancakes so I wasn’t that interested in this restaurant. However, our “late dinner” was already close to midnight snack and there were only a few restaurants left open– and Denny’s was one of them.

So why not give it a try?

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As far as I remember it was around 10 PM when we peeked at the restaurant and one of the staffs gladly opened the door saying that they are not yet closed and they still get orders.

So, we went in and chose a corner couch seat because there was a TV near it and my brother wanted to watch the NBA game. I also liked that spot because it’s quieter and I’d get less distracted by people coming in or passing by. After we have settled, the server handed us the menu and we ordered right away. Actually, I was worried that they would say that some of the dishes are already unavailable because they ran out of ingredients. But fortunately, they are all still available!


Skillet Wrap (Php335)

One of the food that we ordered was the Skillet Wrap (Php335) it is nacho meat and pico de gallo, wrapped in a tortilla on a pepper jack cheese sauce topped with sunny side up egg. It’s one of the most delicious food I ate in my life, they place my favorites in one skillet. Plus! The egg was cooked very well. So I’m really sure that the next time I dine at Denny’s this will be my order!


The Original Slam (Php385)

Another food that we ordered was The Original Slam (Php385) it was the traditional American breakfast with pancakes, bacon, sausage, and egg. There’s nothing much special about it, I even told my brother that he can pay me Php350 and I’ll make that for him. But I wonder how I’d make pancakes that thick and fluffy?

Let’s not forget that Denny’s was very generous with the syrup, they have a bottle for every table. I won’t be surprised if we’d get Diabetes after eating! #NoRegrets


Chicken and Pork Adobo (Php295)

We also ordered Chicken and Pork Adobo (Php295) which also has nothing much special aside from the 2 well-cooked egg there. The Adobo was in the middle of being sour and sweet, and the price for it is a little too much. But you see, the egg was there, it makes every food good. (Nope, you’re wrong, egg is not my favorite food.)


Choco Overload Peanut Butter Pancake Plate (Php395)

Then, this is my order: Choco Overload Peanut Butter Pancake Plate (Php395). If you’re going to ask me why I ordered this after saying that I’m not a fan of pancakes– well my answer is that I also don’t know. Probably I was being a glutton that time or I just made a mistake, but all I know is that the pancake was really delicious in the first few bites. The chocolate and the peanut butter really goes well with the fluffy pancake and there was even a time that I poured some syrup into it. Oh! I remember how shiver went down my spine when it touched my tongue.

But nevertheless, the bacon, sausage, and egg are magnificent, they were a huge help in pacifying the sweetness.


Strawberry Milkshake (Php205) and Salted Caramel frappe (Php95).


Just when you thought that we are already having tooth ache, we also ordered Strawberry Milkshake (Php205) and Salted Caramel frappe (Php95).

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Then they also gave us free bottles of Andy Player as a Father’s day treat– which I was subtly wishing to taste but never got the chance.


To sum it up, Denny’s was able to provide a good service, their food was above average, although I hope they’d work on a little with the prices because it’s too much for its quality.

Nevertheless, it was really enjoyable because I was with my family.

So there you have it! If you want to visit a late-night restaurant with the American cuisine vibes, go to Denny’s! You can find it on the Fourth Floor, Trinoma Mall, Bagong Pag-Asa, Quezon City. Hope to hear your experience!